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Genova Testing

Dear TUK

I have found a provate Doctor who I believe might finally be able to help me.

He has suggested a T3/T4 urine test and Adrenal Salavia test from Genova.

I note on your page with reference to them that the Plebatory service is temporarily available. But the telephone number is still listed. I have phoned the 020 8366 7750 as listed by and supplied by the Doctor, but this just rings out.

Can you help?

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My personal opinion, for what it's worth : I wouldn't use a urine test for checking thyroid hormones. There seems to be little expertise either online or in "real life" to actually interpret urine tests. Plenty of people on this forum can help with the interpretation of blood tests though.

A note about Genova saliva testing - they quote the cheapest price for doing it that I've found, but they changed their methods of working a few months ago and people are having to wait ages (3 - 4 weeks in some cases) before getting their results through the post. This is a real shame because they used to be so good, and the turn-around time used to be only a week. :(

The fact that the phone number never gets answered... Did you call at lunch time? Alternatively, it suggests that the company might be in trouble.

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Thanks for your reply. I have had all the blood tests and posted them in the forum and I have recieved lots of helpful replies from users and admins. This private doctor has come highly recommend by a qualified person but whose mother has been helped termendously when no one else could .

I now need tangible help not just analysis. I am taking a range of good quality hugh dose vitamins and minerals which have helped, but my health is still deteroriating. I have seen a private Endo and my GP to no avail..action is needed.



Do you know of other reliable compaines who do saliva testing?


I'm sorry I don't.

Blue Horizon Medicals do some limited saliva testing but I wouldn't use them for this purpose because their prices are eye-watering and totally outrageous. (Their blood testing service is very good though, if you choose carefully from their 6 websites.)

Blue Horizon cost = £171 (!!!) (test supplied by ZRT Laboratory - and that is supposed to be cut price - the "normal" price is £213)

Genova Diagnostics UK cost = £79

Perhaps other people who have used Genova recently will reassure you. I want to do a saliva test too. But I'm too scared of losing my money at the moment (because they seem to be acting very like a company in deep trouble).


Thanks. Had all the blood tests under the sun now.

I found another UK site offering the tests I wanted but these are still via Genova. Same prices and stating 16 day turn around.

Rang their number for nearly 10 mins this afternoon. Hopefully the TUK admins might have an answer to my question.

Possibly Genova are struggling as they are not charging realastic market prices (but good from our point of view).

There is an email address which I will contact. Just makes trying to help ourselves get better a bit more difficult, when wecleast feel well enough to do so.

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Hezziet, thyroid urine testing isn't thought to give a reliable indication of thyroid status.

I'm afraid admins don't have any insights to Genova's business or why they aren't picking up the phones.


Thanks for your advice. The doctor who has asked me to take this test has helped quite a few people so I suppose I put faith in him thay he knows what is required. Getting pretty desperate now to get some proper help. All gets so confusing.

As Genova is listed on the TUK site I was hoping someone might know if they are still trading. There doesn't seem to be many companies who offer adrenal salvia tests.

I have had all the blood tests done for thryroid, vits and for many other conditions.



Just tnought I woukd give you an update on my questin. I had a nice email from Genova asking me to email my test requirements and they will send the kits.

Re the article on Thyroid urine tests, I have just read it through properly. I notice it was written in 1976..possibly things have changed since then?



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