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I have reached good numbers using Liquid Thyroxine but my Dr wanted to boost my T3 to about 12 to give me more energy .I am started on 20 Mcg but feel very swimmy and weak and life is not good again .Should I take it in 4 doses spread throughout the day or is it that it is not a liquid and over 9 years I have been unable to take pills as treatment either t4 or Armour.Any one had a similar experience ? Is there a liquid form of T3? Also why won't the NHS pay for my treatment .Without the Liquid I can hardly function so it seems so unfair I have to pay £136 a

Bottle lasting at the moment nearly two weeks.Its not as if I have not tried every other treatment first .My Endo is going to try for me once more but who do I contact if he fails? Help!

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It could be other ingredients in the tablet. If you scroll down the link above you'll find the ingredients in the Mercury Pharma liothyronine. Could you be lactose intolerant? or is it the acacia powder, I wonder?

I don't see why your liquid Levo shouldn't be prescribed. The other brands make you sicker and you need Levo to live. I think if you were to push, they'd have to prescribe it.


Just a quick note. I had to fight my endo to trial me on some liquid Levo. It didn't help and made no difference. Trying to gather further info and trying to get my head around what happening.

Regarding your liquid, if your saying you feel much better compared to the tablets FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT tooth and nail with your endo to have you remain on the liquid. They say no because the cost goes through their budget. Ask her for a detailed letter as to why you can't have it and make a complaint to her seniors. It worked for me initially.


boost t3 to 12 and you started on 20 mcgt3?...20mcg is too much for a start i think


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