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6 was post partial thyroidectomy

Hi folks, 2 1/2 yrs ago my husband went for a regular mot at drs where they told him he had a goitre. He was fit and very active at the time. The doctor arranged for him to be given a radioactive iodine pill and that was it. Since receiving that pill he has gone downhill dramatically. He has no energy, no libido, terrible heAdaches, pains all over etc. after 2 yrs with all his bloods coming back as normal and after seeing an encrinologist who advised us that my hubby was suffering from depression (no kidding!). we decided to go private. Within a month of doing this he was admitted for a partial thyroidectomy after which we were told by the consultant that he would be given thyroxine. It is now 6 weeks post op and he is exactly the same as pre-op!! He has again been told his bloods are normal although his calcium level is low . He is now convinced he will never be better - suggestions ????

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Forgot to say that gp has not given him any thyroxine even though consultant said she would!


Hi Yve, I'm sorry to hear about your hubby, what were the reasons for a partialT?

we don't believe 'Normal' here - so can you post the test results (with ranges) for members to comment further.

Also ask for further tests for irons ferritin, folate, B12 and Vitamin D (the last one works with calcium).

Thyroid tests should be done first thing, he probably won't be treated by the NHS with thyroxine until the TSH is over 10 (which is daft) and low T4 - or TSH over 5 with antibodies (has he had TPO antibodies tested?)

best wishes Jane :D


Hi jane, he went to see private consultant who advised the partial t as his goitre was quite big. His results are as follows: plasma parathyroid hormone level 2.8 pool/L, serum calcium level 2.22 mmol/L, serum albumin level 42g/L, corrected serum calcium level 2.18 mmo/L (below range), vit D level 26nmol/L (below range), Tsh level 3.3miu/L (euthyroid picture incl satisfactory thyroxine replacement) except my hubby has not been given any thyroxine!


That will be the lab technician's comments. Please post the ranges too (usually in brackets)

Vitamin D will likely raise Calcium, less than 30 is deficient - GP should prescribe D3

Doctors won't usually prescribe Thyroxine until the TSH goes out of range e.g. above 5 or even 10. (most here feel better with a TSH of under 1).

You could go back and ask for full Thyroid function tests - TSH, FT4, FT3 and TPO antibodies (morning tests are best) - I'd be temped to ask for pituitary testing too re. headaches, as well as testing vital minerals - irons, ferritin, folate, B12.

I hope you get some answers and treatment to help your hubby soon, Jane :D


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