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Can u help plz

Got results back from genova today

Sub total tt 18 yrs ago due to graves,not felt well since ,

Medication 100 levo

Total t4 -149 range 58 -154

Tsh 0.1 range 0.4 -4.0

Free t4 19.8 range 10-22

Free t3 3.4 range 2.8 -6.5

Ft4 :ft3 ratio 3.4 range 2.0-4.5

Reverse t3 0.61 range 0.14 -0.54

Thyroglobulin 1257 range 0-40

Peroxidase 10000 range 0-35

Also got cortisol saliva which showed

Just inside range in all 4 samples

Kind regards

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Neijam, TSH and FT4 are good but low FT3 suggests you aren't converting T4 to T3 well and may benefit from the addition of a little Liothyronine (T3).

Thyroglobulin and peroxidase antibodies mean you have autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). Your antibodies are very high so it looks like your remaining thyroid is under sustained attack and probably isn't able to function much. Gluten-free diet has helped some people to reduce their antibodies.

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Thanks for ur reply ,what causes the rt3 to be high


if you can't convert FT4 to FT3 very well, it will hang around as unusable RT3 (reverse T3) .

Vital minerals can help esp. selenium - only about 3 brazil nuts a day J :D


Neijam, thyroxine divides into equal parts T4, T3 and rT3. rT3 is a protection against elevated T3. T3 receptor cells can be blocked by rT3 preventing T3 getting into the cells and rT3 will rise.

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Hi. I agree with Clutter.....but how is your iron and your vit d levels as these can stop you converting. Goodluck

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My vit d was 92 ,waiting on iron, clutter can i just say sorry about the free t3 typo error its 5.85 range was 2.8 -6.5


Sounds like my husbands suffering after graves and tt

theres old swedish research i was told about wherby after graves blood tests must never be relied on you must be treated on symptoms because the graves sensitised your body to need far higher levels than the so called normal range

also NDT tends to work better on post tt patients than levothyroxine or t3

if your doctors refuse to trial you on meds order ndt yourself and self treat

it is vital though to check



vit b12

vit d3

as sever deficiences of above plus even scurvy and beri beri occur after graves


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