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Hi there I have a friend who has been asked to supply information to her GP on alternative medication to T4..... Are there any recent articles that explain the use of T3 or NDT.... Is the pulse article by Dr Toft still available, if so will someone let me know how I can get a copy.....This poor friend of mine is suffering so badly with hypo and other horrible symptoms....really appreciate your imput...

Thank you


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  • How long has your friend been taking T4 and has she had a recent blood test for her thyroid gland?

  • Hi thanks for your reply....she has suffered for years...has been on levo, then for a while had eltroxin which helped with some symptoms. Now eltroxin is no longer available things have gotten worse. She does have fibromyalgia, lung problems, bladder problems so she really needs help

    Thanks again


  • Rosie, I believe your friend is very undermedicated, probably due to being kept 'within normal range'.

    Is it possible for her to get a copy of her most recent blood test results, with the ranges, from her surgery. There is usually no problem but some charge a small sum for paper etc. Put them on a new post for comments.

  • Have already asked her to get printout.....wil post when I get them

  • My friend has dreadful mucous coming from lungs and I wondered if anyone is familiar with this being tied up with hypothyroidism....JOHN C LOWE mentioned it in relation to fibro. but would like to know of others experience....she also has interstitional cystitis ( I think that's spelling) on antibiotics constantly. She really needs help.


  • I am sorry your friend is suffering so much and I hope these articles will help get her properly medicated.

    I believe if the GP prescribes NDT on the NHS I think Asda Pharmacist and another supermarket can source NDT.

    If you email for a copy of Dr Toft's Pulse Online article. Question 6 may be helpful to GP as it also says 10mcg of T3 can be added but, more importantly, it says how low some patients' TSH needs to go before getting and improvement.

  • I will check these articles for her and pass them on to her, although as we know trying to absorb information doesn't come east to hypo sufferers. Her GP has referred her to an endo who does have a more open mind on things. Her GP also asked her for info as he had NO knowledge of anything apart from levo....honestly why don't GPs get ongoing training to improve their knowledge on diseases that cause so much suffering to so many people. Sorry for rant but it's so frustrating.


  • Levo is the only one on the British Thyroid Association's guidelines and it goes on to make false statements of Armour and T3.

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