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Can't seem to put weight on


Basically when I was younger, around 15 or so I went onto a diet to lose weight (I was around 15 stone, and I'm only 5ft 8). I lost around 5-6 stone over 2 years, and I got down to around 9st 3lbs. I was able to put weight on to and I have sat around 9st 10lbs for around 3-4 years and I can't seem to put any weight on at all, no matter what I eat, nothing, I just stay at 9st 10lbs. I am wondering if I am suffering from a hyperactive thyroid, I have never spoken to the doctor about this because it's not really an issue I'm just wondering what could be the reason behind this. I have been looking at the symptoms of hyperthyroidism and I believe that I have the majority of the symptoms, such as anxiety/irritableness, mood swings, difficulty sleeping etc. Would it be worth getting tested for hyperthyroidism?


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If you don't feel well, visit the doctor with a list of your symptoms and hopefully they will do some blood tests to rule things out. Does anyone in your family have thyroid disease? Is so, then tell your doctor at your visit.


My auntie has under-active thyroids so I dunno if that can constitute any investigations


Well, no harm in telling your doctor that.


However when I was losing weight by the end of it, I was borderline anorexic which may have contributed to me not being able to put on weight.


If you don't feel well you need to visit your doctor and get their advice and help.


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