Well I finally get a referral to ENT

I have been suffering for 12 mths and I have been telling them that I have been having sinus problems which I do have a spray for but my ears have been buzzing constantly 24 7 for a couple of years but I have always suffered with them since I was a child. So there is prob some damage. Anyway we doctors that come into the surgery for 6 mths. That are the ones to see as they will investigate everything I even got a full thyriod test, vit B 12 and a liver function test. She said I should of had a a full thyriod at the beginning of my journey so we have to start again. So there is hope out there it's just getting a good doctor who will listen. She booked me in to see her on Monday so will keep ya posted x

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That's good and hope everything goes well for you.

Well done!

Thanks might get proper answers now fingers crossed x

Hi Happy-go-lucky, you said you have buzzing constantly 24/7, is this not Tinnitus that you have?? I have hissing in my ears 24/7 , but was wondering now if its a simptom of a Thyroid problemwith me !!!

I am low in vit b12 and you get hissing your ears. I have to get more tests done to find out why then start getting vit b 12 injections every 3 mths for life. It's worth getting a thyroid test done and vit b 12 as well. Good luck

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