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up date on NDT started last Tues 15th

Im nearly afraid to say anything but I think it is helping - nothing that I can put a finger on but in the last week I have taken 3 days off work to do HOUSEWORK!!! This is a mega breakthrough as lets just say only very basics done over the last while mostly by my other half! To actually feel like taking time off to sort out and do the black bin bag thing is actually quite immense!!! FYI I was on lev 50/75 alternative days. I started Nature Throid on 1/2 grain for a few days then upped to 1 grain. Past couple of days been taking 1.5 grains - not all at once. Have apt with new doctor on 13 August - new dilema is whether to confess to self medicating or not - think will just play it by ear, suss her out first lol

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Malone, I'm glad NDT is working for you but I think you are increasing dose too much and too quickly. You should stay on a dose for at least 10/14 days before increasing or you risk crashing. 1 grain is roughly equivalent to 75mcg Levothyroxine so you are now taking the equivalent of 112.5mcg T4.

Are you having a blood test prior to the appointment? Bear in mind the T3 in NatureThroid will lower your TSH and possibly your FT4 too.


Thanks Clutter for your advice and I know Ive probably increased too quickly but dont intend increasing again. The apt I have is with new practice. Im going to bring my blood results with me taken around May 2014 as I dont think she will have all the stuff from my old gp as yet.


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