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Auto Immune Disease?

Hi. I've suffered Hypo symptoms for years but levels have always been within range, although recently have been 'borderline'.

GP phoned with latest results to say that TPO antibodies are high and 'suggestive of an autoimmune thyroid disease' (see results below)

He is referring me to an Endo at Wythenshawe hospital.

In one way I'm relieved that I wasn't going mad and there IS something wrong with my thyroid.

On the other hand I am concerned that I may be turned away to suffer until my thyroid levels are outside if range.

I'm also slightly nervous of what having an auto immune disease means. I've read that you can be pre-disposed to other AI diseases, and that it can also lead to cardiac problems.

Head swimming at the moment. If anyone can give me any advice so I am forearmed before I see my Endo, I'd be grateful. Thanks

TSH: 2.75(0.2-5.0)

T4: 12.1 (10-26)

TPO: 500 (0-59)

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Hi, your GP is to be commended for referring you. Your TSH &T4 are in range,but your antibodies are way off, I've read posts on here from others with similar results (notably HarryE) whose endocrinologists have said treatment is unnecessary even though they feel really ill. I think I am correct in saying that treatment isn't given until TSH +T4 are out of range, but you may be lucky and be offered a trial of thyroxine. It is probably only a matter of time,anyway, with those antibodies, before your TSH and T4 are out of range.

If you have hypothyroidism, you are statistically more likely than the average person to have other autoimmune disorders like pernicious anaemia/addisons. Try not to worry about that, usually your GP or the endocrinologist will test your B12, folate, FBC, ferritin & vitamin d levels at the outset, if they don't ask your GP. The above all need to be in the upper range levels when you have hypothyroidism.

Cardiac problems are usually when you're undiagnosed or on inadequate amounts of thyroid replacement. Again try not to worry about that, the vast majority of hypothyroid patients are fine /well on thyroxine.

I'd recommend you buy understanding thyroid disorders by Dr toft, it's a very quick easy read, you can get it from the pharmacist or amazon. Also read HarryE' s posts on here, she has/had a similar story to you.

Good luck : )


Hi. Thanks so much for your reply, I really appreciate you taking the time. Your info is so useful.

Do you find that you get more out of Endos if you see them privately? ( I have private health care but excess is £250 so don't tend to bother, but obvs would if it were worthwhile )

Can you tell me how I locate HarryE's posts on here?

Many thanks again. X


Try this-go to your post 'do hypo meds work?' ,scroll down to where HarryE has answered , click on her name, next to her avator (mole) and all her posts should come up.

I'm seeing an endocrinologist privately, more because I was so poorly after only 5mths on levothyroxine(diagnosed 10/2013), I just couldn't wait for the NHS consultation appointment.

The private consultant also works in the same NHS endo team.

I've had lots of tests, started having some privately(short synacthen test) and the other less urgent ones when the NHS appointment came through. Can't say have noticed any difference, it's all been thorough, just that privately things move along a lot quicker !


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