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Thank goodness my GP believed me

After months of feeling unwell lots of blood tests ,T4 started on the low side 10 (11-25) TSH was told was in range ,sent to see Endo who said as I was taking AD that's why result was boarder line, even though I told her that I was gaining weight my eye brows had gone and my depression was getting worse, nil ordered, GP repeated bloods as I feel as if I was going crazy some days ,T4 9, TSH was told in range she phoned Endo as wanted to start me on 50 Levo, Endo reply NO. weight has gone up 3 stone feeling very breathless pain all over my body bloods repeated T4 7(11-25) TSH 4.7(0.270-4.200) GP phoned Endo, start 75mc Levothyroxine.How long will it take for me to start feeling better? will they take me of the AD? been off work since November and been told today by my HR that they can sack me if I don't return to work in six weeks.I work on a cancer unit as a health care worker .Had a very stressful

time over 7yrs after operation that went wrong at the hospital I work , I now have to live with a permanent colostomy that's when I started AD.

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It might be prudent for HR to become more familiar with the Equality Act (2010), as although they probably can sack you, you can probably sue them for unfair dismissal. I'm not legally qualified, but I think they're bluffing. Payouts for unfair dismissal are very large.

Thyroid is a bit tricky sometimes, but I guess now you're getting treatment you'll soon be feeling better, but it might take a few weeks to get the dose right. I used to feel well within three days of getting Levo dose right. You could return on a phased basis perhaps? But don't go back until you feel well enough. You might not need AD when dose is right.

Good luck.


I'm also pretty sure that it is against the law (forget which one) to sack you while you are on the sick. Let alone for having a disability! But make sure that you have the correct sick notes and inform them in writing about your hypo. They may be able to stop paying you your full salary - depends on contract terms. If you have a disability (like hypo), they have to negotiate a gradual return to work.


The op that went wrong will have triggered the hypothyroid and the ENDO should be hung drawn and quatered for telling the GP you could not be treated

If your TSH was low thats just as likely to be Central Hypothyroid and your T4 should have been closer to 19 to let it fall to 7 is utterly negligent

I do hope your ferritin was tested and your on iron and Vit C because without ferritin being over 70 no amount of levothyroxine will help you improve because you cant convert it into the T£ your cells are screaming for

So go back to your GP get ferritin and folate and B12 tested FAST and get deficiencies treated

As for HR being able to sack you take them to unfair dismissal tribunal

I would suggest you need to take a really good multivitamin before going to bed and when you take iron plus 500mg Vit C at least 4 hours away from the levothyroxine


I'm so sorry you are having such an awful time and I hope things improve. if your body is efficient and able to convert levothyroxine T4 into the active hormone T3 you may well find your depression lifting. Low T3 effects mood and depression is very common if our T3 is too low. Good luck

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Thank all for the past post,just come back from GP with my results after 6 weeks on Levithyroxin 75 which are T4 up to 11 from 7(11-25) TSH 0.31 (0.270-4.200) B12 352 (180-900) Ferritin 142 (15-300) Folate spec Haemolysed.started taking multivitamin as advised on here,first few weeks started to feel a little better but then started to feel cold and aches and pains again plus having a bit of trouble with my colostomy so off to see the stoma nurse,think it's the meds.


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