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Is Ferritin test needed for 13 years old?

Hi, I have posted about my son previously,

he has a Goiter and TSH of 5.8, T4 10.6, T3 5.2

We are still waiting to see consult endo (15 Aug) I have asked 3 GPs to test his Ferritin and they have all refused because his Hb is normal (and he looks fine) - am I barking up the wrong tree? Does a 13 year old make need his ferritin checked? (His T3 is ok)

I feel as though I am getting neurotic and my son thinks I am trying to piss off the doctors. I just want to rule it out that's all

I have permanent low Ferritin and feel crap all the time, I wonder if I am unnecessary assuming he would be the same.

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Most likely not, is there any reason why his Ferritin should be low?

Unfortunately in the eyes of doctors there is a fine line between being an positive advocate for your son and being viewed as a pushy 'neurotic' parent. I DON'T think you are but if the doctors do then he might get treated less well, which would be a shame.

Personally I would wait and see what the Endo has to say.


Thanks for the voice if reason , I am trying not to get over worried.


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