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Other Nutrients and Thyroid function

Hi Everyone,

I have been struggling with alot of hyp symptoms now for over a year and of course all labs are normal. I have myxedema, loss of muscle mass, hair loss, extreme fatigue, dizziness.....the list goes on. I am working on my ferretin and D and am taking B12 and trying to figure out how to support my adrenals as some measures are low and some are high so not sure which is best.'

Anyhow, my symptoms started after an extremely stressful event last year (PTSD-like - not able to eat, sleep, or keep food down, constant panic attacks) so there may very well be a cortisol/adrenal connection. But that said, I recently had a test that said low B1 and Vitamin C. I know that these can be depleted by stress and are needed by the adrenals to function properly and it makes some sense to me as I know that these dont store in the body for very long (about two months, which co-incides with some of my symptoms appearing).

My question is: does anyone know if this makes any sense as the culprit for the cellular hypothyroidism? I have looked online and cant find too much other than both are needed for mitochondrial ATP production. If ATP is low does this impact the ability of thyroid hormone to be transported into the cell/used in the cell? I cant seem to figure out if the transport is passive or active. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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on a similar note, my ferretin before the event was 70 and recently 23. Does stress lower ferretin levels or is it something to do with stress causing the hypo and that causing the iron to decrease? Anyhow, trying to understand mechanisms. At the end of the day, I suppose the answer is the same - take iron.

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Have taken account of your second posting too - and the first thing to do will be to supplement your Adrenal gland and get it in tiptop condition. Stress can play havoc with it. You say in your post above that some of your vit levels which affect that gland are low - but don't appear to have been tested for low Adrenal function. Either do so, or just get a good supplement and get started. Your thyroid won't function well if your Adrenal gland is exhausted.

I think you've correctly identified the cause - and there won't be much point in trying to help your thyroid directly until you've sorted out your adrenals.

I'm afraid what you say about cellular thyroidism and ATP mitochondrial production is too technical for me! Hopefully someone else will be along who understands that end of your posting. :o)


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