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Hi not sure where to post this but since i have thyroid problems and have had strange blood labs due to the thyroid does not hurt to ask?

My B12 was extremely high >1,000 and cutoff was 133 sorry no results in front of me but close enough. My GP did not say anything or give me a reason for this but i am concerned and wonder if anyone has had this too and can help i do not want to self diagnose on the web it is and can be a scary place out there mostly i read of B12 deficiency guess i do not need any lol :( ? lost and confused

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I don't understand your question. Have you been supplementing with Vitamin B12 yourself? If so, it's possible to have a result of 1,000.

Can you get a copy from your surgery of the result with the ranges as the ranges are needed to give you a proper answer. Labs differ in their ranges so they are important.

A figure of 133 doesn't make sense.


Are you sure that was a B12 result and not another result? If it was, 133 is likely to be the bottom end of its range rather than the top. But in itself, a high B12 result isn't a problem. Have you been supplementing? If so, that might be the reason.


sorry the cutoff might have been >300 still i do not take much B12 stopped after i saw the >1000 number maybe my liver unction is not good since it was so high retaining too much of the B12 not sure but will look for my labs and post later :) thanks


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