Hi Iv posted before I have symptoms of over active for past 12 months had 2 blood tests normal I asked for result this is what Iv been given

Serum TSH level 0.93 miu/L range (0.4-4.0 U) Im on propranolol doctor says symptoms are anxiety I take 3 a day it does help but still wake every night sweating ringing in ears niggling pain in left side Doctor says its what they call non specific sypmtoms.(My sister had graves) I did read a post from a member about pain above kidney area I would be grateful if they would message me about their symptoms

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  • Did they do a free T4 test? You will know whether you are hyper by the level of this. Cannot understand if they did not. I suggest you go back to your GP and ask for this and also thyroid antibodies. Then post the results here with reference ranges. It seems ludicrous that they are lowering your blood pressure with medication, without checking properly for Graves. Hope your doc sees the sense of this! If not can you try a different doc?

  • thanks for reply 3rd doctor iv seen all I know is all blood tests normal when i asked for a copy that's all i was given tried explaining symptoms but because blood test normal says its anxiety

  • And your t3 results

  • When I was diagnosed with Graves, they just did TSH and T4, which tells them all they need to know. T3 is only relevant when one is looking at underactive symptoms.

  • I was told its definitely not graves it would show in my blood test which was normal in January and october

  • Ah yes, well I was told I was normal in January 2005 and by April my T4 was almost 70, ref range 12 -22, so if I were you I would ask for a proper T4 test. Strangely my January blood test mysteriously went missing when I was eventually diagnosed so I shall never know what level I was then.

  • Thanks for reply Hennerton will take your advice and thanks to everyone who replied to me very much appreciated

  • I think the association of clinical biochemists recommend both FT4 and FT3 testing when TSH is low. In fact they are more likely to recommend T3 testing if hyperthyroidism is suspected. You can over-convert as well as under-convert T4 to T3. However, getting local labs to do this does seem to be a bit of a problem.

  • Thanks for reply tin-lizzy I will ring surgery to see if these have been done

  • Hi Do you know never to take any beta Blocker on the morning of the test,? Take afterwards. it gives a false low result.

    Also the only way to be sure of the thyroid is TSH, T4 and Free T3 test. On line if not possible where you live. However, be sure to use a well known, well recognised Lab.

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  • Hi Jackie thanks for reply I didn't take beta blocker till after my blood test just in case. Will ring surgery to see if T4 and T3 has been done.

  • When having any blood test, always ask exactly what they are testing, can be devious sometimes. You are entitled to refuse any test you do not want. Then always ask receptionist for a print out with ranges, any test what ever, keep.

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  • The receptionist said she would have to ask doctor they didn't give me full print out just the tsh level that I posted its such a battle all the time!

  • Hi When having any tests always ask what testing, if asked it is a legal matter. You can refuse any test you do not want. Also you are legally entitled to have results, I used to battle for this once, years ago. It is because it is your blood, the only reason. I suspect your GP is just doing TSH, useless! This is a new thing, essential to have T4 and Free T3 too. This is why lots of us use Blue Horizon, do not go through a private hospital, as expensive that way. Finger prick or venous blood. At a hospital , ask the secretary for bloods and ranges.

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  • Have they tested your adrenals (cortisol), or your vitamin B12? B12 symptoms here:


  • Hi im interested in your post, is it possible for the doctor to test adrenals. I had mine done by expensive lab kit in 2010 did show it was low and used cortisol bought online not exactly the ideal solution but did help but a health practitioner did suggest that taking cortisol not good idea any feed back on this thanks v much

  • It's not something I know a lot about unfortunately, it's something I'm interested in however because my morning cortisol was only mid range. It's worth posting a new question on this as there's lots of experience on the forum about adrenals. My understanding is that generally the medical profession only recognise adrenal failure, they either work or they don't. They're not really interested in less severe levels of disfunction. More info here:


  • Hi thanks will post up a new question ..good idea I agree.. I was checked in that way for adrenal failure but no sign on tests however my morning cortisol was non existent on the saliva tests.. medicine and science is there but nhs just isn't using sensitive enough testing methods..

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