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Any help regarding how much and when to take T3?

I was told to take 100mg of Levo and 10mg of T3 twice a day - one at 8 and one at 3 - 5. I have been taking 50mg of Levo and 10mg twice a day and am feeling a little bit like my pulse is a bit hard. I orignally took 100 levo but cut down to 50mg before I took T3 cos I was feeling a bit pulse fast. Do you think I should spread my T3 out a bit more or keep at I feel a bit like my pulse a little high and not feeling that much greater so far. I think I have trouble as Im trying to get my iron higher as I dont think I have ReverseT probs as my T3 at my last test was low even tho TSH good....this was when i was on 100 levo. Thanks for any input :)

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Anuba, You won't feel any benefit from the T3 if you are undermedicated on T4. Under and over medication affect pulse.

Dr. John Lowe said it is common to feel a peak in pulse 2/3 hours after taking T3 and it usually wears off after about an hour. If it doesn't you can skip your next dose of T3

I would increase your T4 to the prescribed dose 100mcg and continue with T3 20mcg as you have been doing. It will take 7/10 days to feel improvement from the increased T4 and you should also feel the cumulative benefit of the T4+T3 combo then.


okay I shall try this babe thanks


Hi I saw a while back that you had written to me but alot been going on family stuff and Ive been feeling real depressed but now your mail is no longer there.....Im not really sure if Im looking in the right place....Ill have another look. Sorry I never got back sooner.


I've had a look and can't see that I've sent you a PM, Anuba so it must have been an email alert for a reply I sent to one of your questions.


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