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The Nutri Centre

The Nutri Centre

Here at Thyroid UK we have been contacted by some of our members regarding problems ordering products and speaking to Customer Services at The Nutri Centre.

We have recently been in contact with Mark Donnelly, Operations Director at The Nutri Centre. He told us that they moved their contact centre, which deals with sales and customer services, to a different location which meant training new staff members. Unfortunately, this transition has not gone very well - he underestimated the number of staff needed and the number of calls they would have.

He apologises profusely for the stress and problems caused to any customers who have been unable to contact them.

However, things are improving and waiting times have drastically improved - although not yet as quick as he would like. More training is taking place and he feels things should be back to normal within a week or two.

If you, or anyone you know has been having problems contacting The Nutri Centre, please contact Mark and he will do his best to assist you....

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Recently I did try to order but found their postage charges unbelievable ! I have lots of things shipped here to Crete from Lands End - John Lewis - Lakeland and so on. Mostly their charges are 7.95 for some quite bulky items. However Nutri-Centre wanted lots more so didn't order....


I finally managed to get a refund from them. Ordered NutriAdrenal in May - didn't arrive. Was told by email they'd send again in June - didn't arrive. Started a PayPal claim and got my money back at the start of this month. At least Mark did contact me through this site to say "sorry" and make sure I'd got my money back. Unless they get their act together I don't think they'll be trading much longer. There are lots of complaints on their Facebook page and I'm certainly not using them again myself. :-(


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