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Why is it better to be gluten free?

Hashimoto's for 15 years I had a bad time with tummy cramps not to mention chronic on going constipation. Sometimes to avoid laxatives I resort to colon cleansing it's that bad. I was gluten free for a while to see if it helped. Tummy cramps went away but that's all. Then I was tested for celiac disease...negative. So out of curiosity why is it better to avoid gluten with hashimoto's ? Thanks.

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oldestnewest not an expert - just a fellow sufferer :-) So have read loads and a recent summit on-line - The Gluten Summit by Tom O'Bryan - explained how gluten affects everyone and not just Hashimotos people. Wheat has been hybridized to such an extent our bodies do not recognise it. It is not the wheat our grandparents ate either. Gluten molecules in the bowel can create inflammation by sticking to the gut wall - then there is a leak - Leaky Gut Syndrome - and so the gluten molecules can permeate the gut wall. They can also permeate the blood/brain barrier and create inflammation..... Once the gluten molecules escape - the immune system sees them as aliens and starts to attack and once the immune system is on red alert it can attack anywhere in the body. Hence all auto-immune issues can have a connection to the gut. Also there is a similarity between molecules of gluten and thyroid.... It has been well reported that once gluten is removed from the diet - the gut can settle down and anti-bodies can reduce....

You can still be gluten sensitive without a positive celiac test....

Upping your VitC and Magnesium may help the constipation....has a natural laxative effect.....

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Well here I am about to eat a gluten free lunch once again!! Thanks very enlightening. I have found a French water rich in magnesium which I 've started using. Can't give up hope!! Thank you Marz


Were you gluten free when you had your test for Celiac disease? If so the test wont be accurate. Do you eat plenty of fruit and veg, and most importantly drink plenty of water.


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