Gluten free?

I have type 2 diabetes/ insulin resistance and hashis so my diet is already quite restricted. I find most gluten free offerings in cafes etc is high in sugar and so avoid. As I understand it the reason to avoid gluten is because if consumed by someone who has hashis the body produces antibodies which attack the thyroid gland. However I have had hashis fr over 20 yrs and a thyroid scan revealed that my thyroid gland has been destroyed and the doc told me it will no longer be producing any hormone. In this case is there any point in avoiding gluten?

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  • Caze, probably not. Hashi's can disappear when there is no functional thyroid to attack.

  • It all depends in whether you feel better being GF or not. If you go back to eating gluten and don't feel good then you can always go back to being GF. It depends too on whether or not you have any other autoimmune conditions - IBS, arthritis etc - T2 is supposed to be an autoimmune condition - that would benefit from being GF

  • Yes, suck it and see. I agree .. the number of cafes which think all we eat is chocolate brownies! And the restaurants where the only options are risotto or salad. Grrrrrr.

  • I hear you! It's always Brownies - yuck :( (though I do enjoy the risottos)

  • Gluten molecules can escape the gut and penetrate the blood brain barrier - creating inflammation on the way ! Dr Datis Kharrazian discusses this in his book - Why Isn't My Brain Working ? He has a website and Newsletter that will keep you informed and up to date :-) It was enough to send me GF ....

  • You're so Wright. And to top it up New England Journal of Medicine is relating Gluten to no more than 55 diseases.

  • Have you tried a plant based diet? This and going gluten free have helped me a lot. I got of my thyroid medication. I was finally able to lose weight and BMI is right in the middle for normal.

    These resource will give you some more information.

    Dr John McDougall

    Physicians Committee

    Dr Greger

    Also as you have diabetes you may want to look at how a plant based diet can help this. You should look into the work of Dr Neal Barnard at reversing diabetes.

  • Hashimotos will continue to attack your thyroid tissue. You would have to get rid of every last bit of it in order for it to stop. The problem is not with your thyroid though.

    You have autoimmune disease and this shows your body is already attacking itself. Your immune system needs to be addressed. You will go on to get more illnesses, if you don't address it.

    he also has some good videos too. This is what i am doing to get rid of my hashimotos. Also, the thyroid can regrow itself. I am sorry that yours is in such bad shape. Apparently you have very active autoimmune disease.

  • Faith, it's only previously hyperthyroid patients who have had thyroidectomy or RAI ablatement who may experience thyroid regrowth.

  • If you are saying that hashi's sufferers who get rid of their hashi's, cannot repair or regrow their thyroids, then that is just not true. People with hashi's can get rid of it and get off thyroid happens thru functional medicine.

  • Faith, Although functional medicine may help some people rid themselves of Hashimoto's any damage to the thyroid gland is unlikely to be reversible. I've never heard of a Hashi patient's thyroid regrowing or repairing.

    There are a couple of previously hyperthyroid members with regenerated thyroid glands but they've said they aren't functional.

  • Dr Isabella Wentz, is just one example of reversing her hashi's and getting off of medicine. My daughter can eat gluten again, after 4 years of having her whole body swell and become in terrible pain.

    It is totally possible to reverse all autoimmune disease. I am sure it doesn't always work, because it is too late. But, the body, given the right tools, can usually heal itself.

    No, thyroid meds are not life long..but i am sure that if a person is uninformed, you can allow your gland to become so damaged, that you will always need some amount thyroid meds. The only real way to know, is a TRH test..thyroid stimulating hormone testing. But first, a person needs to start with healing the immune system.

    They have testing available to find the root causes to stop the damage to they thyroid, reversing hashi's. The testing is not available through mainstream medicine. I have found out that my neurotransmitters are not right, which effects the mental state. Abnormal mouth bacteria is found in schizophrenia, for example..there is a whole other way to do things, that people need to investigate, to get there health back. Mainstream has nothing much to offer, they cover it with pills! Psych meds and immunosuppressants, surgery and lots of drugs..they rarely look for why something has occurred and treat that. They are in bed with big pharma.

    A few relevant links..

  • Faith, I don't think anyone "allows" their thyroid gland to become dysfunctional.

    Hashimoto's may be reversed in some, but not all. I dispute that the damage Hashi's has already done to the thyroid can be reversed, and as a damaged thyroid will not produce sufficient hormone replacement for life is likely for most.

  • i wanted to add, that i did what my doctors told me , always. I was on psych/ meds from 1993-2010 including benzodiazepines for 11 years, when the fda says they should not be used long than 2 weeks, due to dependence and addiction, i used nexium for acid reflux for 8 years and was on antibiotics about 6 to 8 times per year, for more than 10 years. I developed female troubles, which resulted in many unnecessary son is an antidepressant baby. After a cold turkey benzo withdrawal, by a hospital, and no sleep for 2 months after, my thyroid stopped working. Listening to my doctors, have ruined my health and taken many years of my life, that i will never get back.

  • People should look for alternatives and be their own advocate. Too many believe solely what they are told by their doctors, they believe that normal thyroid tests, mean that they do not have hypothyroidism, like their doctors say, so they use thyroid meds, while their glands atrophy and continue to be attacked and destroyed. They continue on and so few seem to ask themselves "why do i have this, how do i get rid of this illness". There are too many Lemmings and Sheeple out there!

    Hashimoto's can be reversed and just having a poor immune systemand antibodies causes symptoms on its own. Once reversed, many symptoms will go away. There is an answer too this.

    I did say that some people's thyroids may never recover completely, but people can get rid of hashis, and other autoimmune disease, if they heal their immune is not through mainstream medicine, at this point. All autoimmune is the same thing, under a different just depends on what the immune system sees as its target. It is abut the gut, food sensitivities etc..there is so much in our control.

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