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Hi.What a relief to find your website. Hope you can advise me.

Requested a thyroid test approximately 4 years ago which were always said to be borderline although I knew all was not well.

I have been on thyroxine since June 2013 after seeing an Endo and take 50 mg of thyroxine.

I saw my GP this week as I felt my symptoms were as before with a worsening of hair loss.

She did blood test and thyroid test. Sorry but didn't expect her to take blood so had taken meds!

Results have come back:-

Free T4 14.0 (9.00 - 19.0)

TSHlevel 2.3 (0.2- 4.0)

Ferritin level 62 (10.0 - 220.0)

In January 2013 I had a fall while on holiday in Gambia. I had a lisfranc injury to my foot where all bones across the foot were broken.That's another story!

When I saw the Endo in May I was still not weightbearing and he was concerned that the damage done was more than it should have been.

He advised me to speak to my GP and request a bone scan.

My GP's request was refused saying I did not meet the criteria.

I'm taking calcium myself but have no idea what dose to take. (GP just says she doesn't think I need full dose!

Sorry to ramble.

Any advise on either point would be appreciated.

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Medew, How soon before your thyroid test did you take your meds? Serum levels peak after 2/3 hours so your results may be skewed. Your TSH is rather high for someone on thyroid meds, most people feel better with a lower TSH usually just above or just below 1.0. Your FT4 could be higher, the top 75% of range is considered ideal ie >17.5. An increase in Levothyroxine would address both issues.

GPs usually arrange the tests endos recommend but the endo can order a Dexa scan if your GP will not. If your GP hasn't done a calcium test she is guessing how much calcium you need, or whether you need it all. Perhaps you should consider seeing another GP at your practice.


Thank you so much for your speedy reply Clutter.

It was 4 hours between tests and meds.

My GP's partner said he had ordered scan but it had been refused.

I no longer see the Endo. Only saw him once then was told I was discharged.

Results were given by receptionist. Full blood count normal and thyroid results normal.

I think I will go back to GP and ask for more help and calcium test. I just wish I had chased this up earlier but have been struggling to get back to normal with my foot.

Do I need to go through GP to see private Endo and what are costs like?


Medew, Tell your GP you took meds before your test and think it will have skewed the results, outline your symptoms and ask for an increase in Levothyroxine.

If your GP requested a Dexa scan and was refused because you didn't meet the criteria you may have to consider a private Dexa scan but ask whether you can a have referral to investigate the delay in healing first. Your GP can certainly order calcium, ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate though.

Private endos usually require a referral letter from your GP. Email for a list of recommended endos and private GPs.


Thank you so much for your advice. I will see my GP and take it from there.

You have given me the confidence and knowledge to face her without thinking it's all in my fuzzy head!


I think it's Suzy Cohen who says "It's not in your head, it's in your mitochondria!" Good luck.


Have seen my GP and have managed to get thyroxine up to 75mg.

It wasn't easy. I really had to stick to my guns and she has made it clear she is not happy.

Regarding calcium test and Dexa scan, she ignored me!

I will push for calcium test in 3 months when I have another thyroid test.

Thank you Clutter and Louise for giving me confidence.

I certainly wouldn't have got it without you.

Hopefully I will now see some improvement!


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