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I have a Thyroid peroxidase antibodies blood test reading as 145, please can anyone tell me if this is normal? Thank-you

I have an under-active Thyroid which i am positive about, but no-one will help me. I had a fall in 1983, leaving me with permanent damage to my neck, and a cracked skull. I have been told that this can damage the Pituitary Gland, which i am 100% positive that i have, but again, no-one will listen to me. My TSH is 9.

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ValTwine, welcome to the forum.

Treatment for secondary hypothyroidism caused by pituitary dysfunction is the same as for primary hypothyroidism ie Levothyroxine. Have you been prescribed Levothyroxine to correct your TSH and were FT4 and FT3 tested? TSH alone is not a reliable indicator in people suffering hypopituitarism.

Elevated thyroid peroxidase antibodies mean you have autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) which causes 90% of primary hypothyroidism in the UK.

There is information about hypopituitarism here


No - we can't. The ranges vary quite a lot. Some labs scale things so that 0-100 is negative, 101 to 200 is borderline/questionable, 201 upwards is positive. Some labs don't. The actual testing technology varies.

I can certainly say it is not low enough to count as perfectly normal and OK.

Please ask your lab or surgery for their reference range.



With a TSH of 9 you ought to be treated with Levothyroxine. Mine was 7 when I began treatment about 2 years ago, and I now take 75mcg a day and feel pretty good. Are you in the UK? Do you have the range for this TSH result? If you have pituitary damage you need to have FT4 and FT3 tests done as well as TSH. I hope you find a helpful doctor soon. As for the antibodies - they can't be treated directly (although some people with high levels (1000+) find that a gluten free diet helps). The treatment is the same whether you have antibodies or not. It just tends to be the progress of the condition that differs - people with antibodies usually gradually need more meds over the years until their thyroid packs up completely and they are on a full replacement dose of meds. But don't panic, this can take many years to happen.


Hi, Thank-you for your reply, which is very helpful. I took Thyroxine in the 1990's for about 1 and a half years, then was taken off them. I had an accident in 1983 when I was 23 and damaged my neck forever, and cracked my skull too. I have been told by Thyroid UK that I probably damaged my Pituitary Gland in the process, as I have had problems ever since then. I was diagnosed with chronic M.E. in 2011, but was told that i probably had it for years? I can't work because I am so chronically fatigued most of the time. No-one will test my Pituitary Gland. I contacted the Endocrinology in the Queen Alexander Hospital, but received letters to say they won't do anything. I have every symptom of under-active Thyroid, but no-one will help me. My TSH blood test in February was 9, but when I had another in May, it was 2.7. However, I had the test in the early morning, so I know that when it gets to the lab, it goes back to normal. 'Endo' at the hospital said that Thyroid UK are illegal and have been investigated for malpractice??? It was that group who sent me all the info about the Pituitary Gland, etc. They were enormously helpful. Another GP at my surgery, recently told me that the second blood test wasn't told to me truthfully, and that every other aspect of the blood test proves without a doubt that I have an under-active Thyroid. But the surgery told me that I can't see another GP any more, and that I will have to see my own GP from now on!!!! My own GP, Dr. Chhabda, told me 5 weeks ago after I passed out at a friend's house, 2 hours after we had sandwiches and salad for lunch, that it is not unusual for people to pass out after a meal!!!!! Have you ever heard of such nonsense? I intend to try to change to a different GP soon. The other GP listened to me, and she arranged for me to have B12 injections, and Calcium tablets, and another blood test, with 'fractured skull' on the form.

But she won't be able to help me again!!!! M.E. symptoms 'mirror' Thyroid symptoms. I don't want to be constantly signed off from work, I want my life back and to get a job again. I've worked since 1973 when I was 13. I had to stop a voluntary job in 2011 as I was too ill to get there regularly. I am worse now, despite going for over a year to an M.E./CFS group therapy thing, which was very helpful. I lost an unpaid work scheme in 2010, as I was rushed to hospital, with a chronic reaction to a stomach bug. I had my Gall Bladder and stones which were gangrenous removed in 2006. I have read that a damaged Pituitary can cause Gall stones. I was diagnosed last year too, with acid reflux, and a Hiatus Hernia. It was investigated as I have been vomiting every couple of weeks since 2011. Not long after the stomach bug. I had Glandular Fever as a child, and have had it another 4 times since 1998. All these things are related to a damaged Pituitary Gland. No-one will listen. I want to have an MRI scan on my skull, to check the Pituitary, which is the only way to look at it apparently, but they won't give it to me. They all keep telling me to go privately!!! How can I when I am out of work? It is so sad that in my country now, it is only the wealthy who get anything done. I was born here almost 55 years ago, but I am worthless to the NHS.

Sorry for my long email, but i just live in hope that someone somewhere will help me?

Thank-you again for your advice, it is helpful.

Val Twine


Here is a little information for you. I think this man has a real understanding of low thyroid symptoms.


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