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Levothyroxine and Raloxofene ( Evista) - does Evista prevent Levo being used properly?

Just read some research that taking Raloxifene with Levo is a no no - ( drug interaction renders Levo useless as it can't be absorbed in presence of Raloxifene) . I am very concerned as I have been on both for years - and have gained 2 stone - my TSH was 3 (on 100mcg Levo) but Labs refusing GP request to do t3/t4 .Since having hypo symptoms my new GP raised it to 125 mcg and I feel better but weight won't shift - even though I have cut out gluten and sweet stuff. Labs refusing GP request to do t3/t4 - so where do I go from here? Both my parents have Hashi's so wondering if Gene D102 test might help to detemine if its a Evista /Levo problem or genetic - and if gene test is positive - can I insist on t3 therapy ? Hope someone has suggestions as I am DESPERATE to lose this weight.!!

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Just picking up on the blood testing, have you thought of having your bloods tested privately?

However if the GP requests only the T3&4 tests without others being requested ie TSH, the lab may be more like to do them, as was my experience. Otherwise perhaps the GP needs to be more proactive by contacting the lab and insisting those are the tests he wishes to be carried out.


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