has anyone heard of this?

I have add hypoglyceimic like experiances on and off for years with sudden hunger, feeling weak and wobbly and irritable. I have found avoiding caffeine helpful and if it happened a couple of biscuits would sort it. More recently and since I was really ill a couple of months ago due to untreated hypothyroidism I have had these episodes of feeling like I have low sugar and a sort of hunger that makes me feel ill but no matter how much I eat it does not get better. I have been like it for hour now. I have eaten 2 bowls of cornflakes. a stir fry tea and half a packet of ginger nut biscuits but still feel this horrible hunger and weakness.

Any ideas

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I occasionally feel that way too, but instead just carbs I bounce back eating something salty, fatty and protein. I might have to eat very slowly at first , but eventually the weaknesses and awful feeling fades away.

Fortunately I rarely feel that awful anymore , for me eating resistant starch did the trick.

It sounds like nuts might be a good idea then, eaten slowly. What do you mean by resistant starch.


I cook potatoes, let them cool down down and reheat them.

Rice can be used the same way, but I'd never store cooked rice it has to be eaten right away. In rice certain type of pathogenic bacteria can multiply and grow very fast even in thr fridge and no amount of heat will destroy it.

Once rice is cooked and cooled quickly it is perfectly safe to reheat it provided it is reheated quickly and is piping hot. As Michael Moseley says: "Despite widespread fears, it is safe to reheat rice, and I frequently use rice left-over from the night before as part of a stir fry, but not if you have left that rice out overnight in a warm kitchen. As with meat, once the rice has been cooked you should aim to cool it and keep it cool as quickly as possible.


I have always done this and I have never been ill and be assured, I have a pretty sensitive stomach.

I do not eat rice anyway because of high arsenic, which I already have high.

Just been taught that rice because of that starch is better eaten relatively fast and not stored for too long. Rice from yesterday shouldn't be problem but some bacteria does not die even in high temp.

White Basmati rice tests low on arsenic so should be okay and you can wash the rice first which helps reduce the amount by a further 30% :-)

I personally wont reheat rice either unless it's mixed in with a source and spices. Freezing it is better than keeping in fridge though.

Yeah freezing is good option.

I freeze all leftovers anyway to reduce histamine.

When my gut was bad I couldn't tolerate rice and sort of kept avoiding it. I can occasionally eat something that has rice in it like rice flour but otherwise I am not tempted to eat it. I suspect as I have high eosinophil % I could have had eosinophilic oesophagus as eating rice would result in pain on my chest. Felt like rice was stuck. No other food felt like that.

Only thing I miss is porridge made of rice. Favourite from my childhood, but as that is made in milk I can't even try it. Substitutes do not work in that food, it has to be proper full milk.

Hi. I have autoimmune thyroiditis and have experienced what I call hypoglycaemic like episodes for years. I get all sweaty and shaky and what I call woozy. I 'treat' it by eating something very calorific or sugary as soon as I can. I find the only way to avoid it is to eat regularly (like at least every 3 hours) so I always carry some dried fruit or gluten free biscuits (also coeliac) with me. I've mentioned it a number of times to doctors over the years and they ve never been very interested so I just manage it myself. Don't know if that helps at all.

I think eating protein would help or a small amount of carbohydrate with protein

I was once told by a Nutritionist to eat a couple of mouthfuls of protein before bed to help blood sugar levels during the night.

You can get a cheap blood glucose testing pack from the pharmacy for about £20 and monitor for a few days to see what's actually happening to your sugar levels exactly. If they are a bit unstable, there are ways to help with this such as eating more 5-6 smaller meals more often and eating things by their glycemic load to keep below high GI so not so swingy. You can go very low after you've gone too high so not necessarily just too low etc so good to see the pattern of what's really happening. Sugar levels can be related to cortisol too and can effect each other.

Not much you can do until you see whether it is actually low/high blood sugar to think about what you can do to help :-)

In regards to excessive grazing with no let up on the hunger, my friend and I worked out a theory that it might be something to do one of the less usual micronutrients your body needs and the only way your body will get it is to keep you hungry until you hit lucky. Most the time, I know what my body wants - I sometimes crave dairy, meat, vegetables, something salty and so on and it's normally obvious but those times, nothing obvious seems to pop into your head. So me and my friend tried it out and instead of eating more of the same thing, we have a little of everything random that might contain all of everything we haven't eaten that day if that makes sense lol. A couple of nuts, some herbs on something little, which did improve it but then we just opted with a good multi vit with everything in it - this seems to resolve the problem. Wouldn't say it caused weakness though, just excessive hunger. This is the only time I use multi-vits lol! It has been working with my little one when she gets into the food monster too lol.

I was diagnosed with hypoglycaemia in 2011. The only thing that works for me when I feel it coming on is the glucose tablets avaialable from the chemist.

I have tried protein and sugary food previously to no avail.

The glucose tablets are rectangular or round. They dissolve in your mouth. I now start with half at the first signs and if it continues I take another half. For me, these cheap little tablets have stopped HG attacks in their tracks. I would not be without them and have a pack throughout the house and in my bag :-)

I used to get them years ago and they did work. I will try some again.

The thing that tends to fix it for me is a bag of salad just eaten like a bag of crisps. Nuts are also quite good.

Funnily I'm not sure I've tried having something sugary. This used to happen to me a lot, particularly caused by a long gap between meals. Now I'm a bit better and I think I only have it when I've eaten something sweet on an empty stomach, so I get to fearing sugary food.

Hello Mandyjane,,,,get along to the doctors and ask for blood tests to check for Diabetes,,,the hypoglycemic instances and they continue,,could suggest you might be diabetic or pre-diabetic,,,I am a type 2 diabetic,,and have under active thyroid,,and I get these episodes,,,but I manage to stop the feelings,,my favourite is food with a nice cup of tea,,,warm and relaxing,,,good luck with the tests,,,hope this is helpful,,ttfn from karen.

Thanks scouser been tested lot of times for diabetes and blood work always fine with that and drs do have an agenda to diagnose unlike thyroid. The episodes have stopped now I am taking nutri adrenal. Just been to Dr who said to stop nutri adrenal as steroid hormone and suggested it maybe my liver but no plan as to how he was going to get me better. Not willing to test for addisons. I asked him to make a note of the issue but as usual not interested. He told me genine low sugar episode very rare. I thought yes especailly if people like you keep refusing to acknowlege or test for something. I am however going to stop nutri adrenal for a few days a test blood sugars when feeling wobbly to see whats happening. I am concerned that if I have addisions it is dangerous to not have it recognised.

Hello mandyjane,,,it is really annoying when the dr, do not want to listen,,and frustrating when things do not improve,,,,sometimes the I told you so is what is needed,,,, keep safe and keep an eye on things you have been doing,,,,ttfn from karen.


It could be insulin resistance, even if you are not diabetic. Berberine helps a lot: 1500 mg daily, 500mg witch each meal. If the hypoglycemic attacks are due to insulin resistance, you might notice that you start losing weight, once on berberine.

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