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Hi I've just got back my blood test for my hormones I'm menopausal my testosterone was just out of range but my surgery said every thing is fine but why is it that I don't feel fine ? These are my results:

testosterone 0.3 nmol/L (0.40-2.00nmol/L)

progesterone 0.3nmol/L (<0.6). Oestrodiol <37 pmol/L (<37-103pmol/L) any thoughts on what is going on ?

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  • Also my hair is falling out I'm short tempered irritable and have no libido what so ever its been like this since bring diagnoised with hypo

  • Well, you're bound to feel bad if your testosterone is too low - or any other hormone, come to that. Have you had your cortisol tested? Could be your adrenals are struggling.

  • PS You're Lucky you got your doctor to test it. Mine won't because he says women don't need testosterone!!! Ha ha! Can you believe that?!?

  • Omg what a fool. Its taken me two years and an app with an idiot endo who said why bother your menopausal ! Then my doctor agreed to do it but still what do I do now they are saying its fine. The idiot endo asked for blood and cortisol test but results are being posted.

  • They are so tactful, aren't they. lol Well, how do you feel about self-treating? Gosh! I'm not sure I'm supposed to say that! But you can buy DHEA without a prescription. One of my doctors prescribed it for me but the pharmacy refused to supply it! (Because he had asked for an unusual dose.) So rather than mess about with other pharmacies - because they're all as bad as each other round here and I daren't show my face in most of them anymore because of some of the fusses I've kicked up... But I digress. Rather than mess around with other pharmacies, I bought it online.

    Now DHEA is a prehormone that is converted into the sex hormones. Some people have great results with it. But I broke out in acne every time I tried it, so I gave it up.

    Another thought that comes to mind... How is your cholesterole? If it's too low, your adrenals can't make testosterone. That's my problem, I've discovered. Which is probably why DHEA didn't help! I'm really not sure how you raise cholesterol. Believe me all the usual bad guys that people go on about do not help. Doesn't matter how much cream or butter I eat, or how many eggs or avacados, my cholesterole stays low. But it's fun trying! lol Why not get yours tested and see if it's that?

    Hugs, Grey

  • Hi Grey I'm all for self medicating I'm self medicating with t3 because thyroxine does not work. My cholesterol was high before I was diagnosed with hypo but I think its normal if a little high I can usually tell when it high I get a little white spot in the corner of my eye. My local chemist is ok but dontbthink my doctor is going to give me any thing. Where can I get DHEA? thanks for you help


    These people are pretty good - perhaps you already know them. I get the majority of my suppliments from them.

  • Thanks I'll have a look I also need some good quality vitamins

  • Another possibility is low ferritin. Especially since the hair problem.

  • Hi my ferritin is low but not acorrding to my doctor I sm supplementing

  • Mine is too, also got the hair problem + fatigue can be due to low iron levels.

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