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Long list of meds :( Will they cause problems with saliva and TFT blood tests?

Hello again, sorry I asked this question a week ago and now I am on more meds as I have a chest infection on top of the hayfever. Lucky me! :(

Just wondered if they would cause any problems with blood test results and adrenal/ melatonin saliva test and when should i stop taking them before the tests? Thanks in advance!

Amoxicillin - 500mg - 3 x day

Telfast - 120mg - 1 x day

Prednisolone 5mg - 4 x day

Avamys nasal spray - 1 spray a day

(The last two are steroids so im guessing i cant do adrenal test for a while but do any of these effect TFT (incl RT3) results.

Sorry I know Ive asked before my current med list just seems to be getting bigger with the hot weather and really need to get my tests done!

Thank you xx

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Bexyl, none of the medications should affect your TFT. Don't take your thyroid medication until after the blood test.

Antibiotics can decrease and increase absorption of thyroid meds but Amoxcillin isn't mentioned in the list in this link


Thanks Clutter. You are a font of knowledge! and I appreciate it :)


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