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still on carbimazole , just recently experiencing bloating full of wind feeling,achey sensations in body stomach pains,

I have never suffered with indigestion heartburn bloated & back ache ,being full of wind , that appears to be all around my body help !!! seeing my gp this week can't carry on like this .Anyone had similar exp on carbimazole 5mg daily?. Should I eat better, my endo says I'm

In normal range! Will this pass is it just side effects?.

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Seeing as you are having aches, I would look at your B12 and Vit D, but also look into whether you have leaky gut?

We all manage to gravitate towards not being able to absorb those much needed vitamins and minerals, usually because of stomach issues. Has your doctor told you that you have IBS?

Have you been diagnosed with GD or Hyperthyroid?

Just remember, just because your labs are in the "normal" range, does not mean you are alright, you need each result at its optimal.

There are plenty of ref ranges with guides to optimal on here and elsewhere, do a little digging and of course, always ask.

Feel better soon,



Have you been checked for celiacs disease because the symptoms you describe sound like you could be gluten intolerant.


im on levo ,I had a major problem with wind and loose bowels in the afternoon .Ive cut out caffeine which was very hard for me to do and I'm 99% better now .Im safe in the gym now!


Binkynoo, Carb may have slowed down your metabolism a little too much. Post your thyroid results with the lab ref ranges and we can see whether you might have gone hypo.


Hi everyone , I will post my results , can I ask what are lab ref ranges ? Are they the range they go by to be normal do you mean ? I had some blood results from

2007 that my Endo has he mentioned those taken at that time were normal, obviously I'm

Sure was ok until diagnosed in jan 14 although started with hyper symptoms I would say Nov 13 , so il get those results should I ? So do you think he is trying to get me to Same results ? Or a more stable result ? Il post them when can I mentioned my last blood results , I am awaiting further results B12 etc so be int to see. Have a lovely weekend everyone big hugs