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Need advice about Testosterone


Hello all,

I am sorry to be posting this on here but I do not know where else to post this. I have a strong suspicion that I have low testosterone. I am having most of the symptoms listed for low t. Unfortunately my results weren’t low enough to be put on testosterone replacement my results will be posted below. The only way my doctor will consider testosterone replacement is if my results were far below range. Can anyone help me? I would appreciate any advice and input. Again I apologize for posting this on this forum I would appreciate it if anyone can direct me to a relevant forum for this topic. Thanks in advance!

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Do you have a thyroid problem? Because if you do, that will affect your testosterone level. Have you had any other hormones tested apart from testosterone? How old are you? Because it is age related. Are you taking statins?

Hello Greygoose,

Yes I have hypothyroidism, I am currently taking 88 mcg. I will get blood work done next week to see where I stand. I think I may need T3 due to not being able to lose any weight. I have been ballooning up regardless of what I do. I do have my results from last month unfortunately they only tested TSH which was 3.5 (0.5 - 5.0). I have not been tested for any other hormones apart from thyroid and testosterone. I am 23 years old no other medication is taken other than thyroid replacement hormone T4 treatment only.

Well, you're very under-medicated. Your TSH should be 1 or under. I honestly don't understand how doctors can ever think that 88 mcg is going to be enough. The average dose is about 150 mcg. So why piddle around increasing by stupid amounts like 13 mcg. It should be a good, honest 25 mcg at a time, at this stage. And, your TSH is really too high to judge your conversion right now.

When one hormone is out of whack, all the other hormones are affected, because they all depend on each other. So, not surprising your testosterone is low-ish. Wait until your FT3 is optimised - which it won't be at the moment - before you start worrying about it. :)


Thank you very much for your input this really helps! I am going to have a talk with my doctor about this! I will also be vigilant in regards to my thyroid hormones opting for a full panel rather than just TSH. Thanks!

You're welcome. :)

Your test level is low, obviously depending on age. NHS won’t treat unless you have test levels of 12 year old girl. With your test level you would qualify for TRT but in UK sadly have to go private.

Hello Matt,

Thanks for her advice, I don’t live in the UK I live in the US but it’s pretty much the same situation here. They don’t want to treat me with testosterone replacement. I will see if optimizing my thyroid medication will help with my testosterone otherwise I will go private if I have to. Thanks again.

Have you tried t increase naturally with diet, herbs and exercise eg weight training?

MrWellness94 in reply to userotc

Hello Userotc,

I have been incorporating weight training for the past two weeks and have yet to feel relief from symptoms. I will continue doing it. Are there any herbs that you recommend? I have changed my diet months ago, I used to eat fast food almost 3 times a week. I now only eat fast food 1 a week and eat a balanced diet.

2 weeks is nothing but definitely suggest you continue. I also suggest you visit

With mainly diet and herbs, I increased my t from 387 to 709ng/dl in 21 months. I'm a 26 yr old male. I've also started weight training but can't attribute much t increase to that yet as I've had to stop twice due to recurring injury.

MrWellness94 in reply to userotc

That is impressive! I’m going to continue weight training and I will check out the site. Thanks for the help!

No problem. The herbs include things like (cycled) ashwaganda, maca etc but you should find the full list on the site. I cycle 14 of them. Good luck.

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