i need help with excessive thirst issues

every morning my mouth is excessively dry , it is affecting my sleep patterns in the early hours especially. I am on 125 levo med and have hypothroidism and have been on this dose for two or three years after being diagnosed with this condition. I have been to specialist and GP etc and no one can tell me what is causing this so i have to suffer on. i lead a very active lifestyle in spite of this but this is starting to seriously get me down.

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  • Has anyone investigated you properly for diabetes mellitus?


  • no consultant mentioned d insipidus but felt test not neccy . he said thyoid under activity is primary to the throid with a raised TSH level , hence no poss of pituitary basis for this under activity and of need to have further investigations ito poss d insipidus

  • Well I would certainly ask about diabetes mellitus - excessive thirst is one of the standard things that starts makes doctors decide to test for it. (Possibly to the point where they look for that but ignore other possibilities.) So am surprised by your response!

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  • Consultants seem to rule out pituitary dysfunction if TSH is OK, but I don't know why. It's perfectly possible for some functions of the pituitary to remain intact while others fail (see Pituitary Foundation website). If you are urinating excessively and the urine is very dilute-looking you may well have diabetes insipidus. Do some googling and go back to the consultant . .

  • In addition to diabetes it is worth considering Sjogrens Syndrome which is another autoimmune disorder. As we know, other autoimmune conditions can go hand in hand with thyroid. Sjogrens often goes undiagnosed. It always amazes me why doctors ignore the risk factors - the poor things can't cope with treating one properly so it must be too much for them to test for any others.

  • Hi For diabetes, autoimmune and hormonal, you ned ,ideally 2 tests, Glucose and the better test, Hb1Ac. Often symptoms like thyroid only worse when very bad. Excessive thirst and sleepiness ,most common first problem Ideally this and the other relevant tests associated with thyroid disease should be done at least annually. If seeing a good Endo they insist on a minimum of these.

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  • I'm a prime candidate for Diabetes Mellitus (overweight and strong family history) so when I was thirsty for 7 days in a row weeks back the first thing I did was check my blood sugar. It was completely normal. I was also showing other strange symptoms like disturbed sleep and lethargy. My doc can't be bothered to test my thyroid again. I admit the results never waiver from slightly below dead average, so I put myself on a zero cane sugar and thyroid friendly diet. I have no idea why it's working, but it is. I'm not longer desperately thirsty, I'm sleeping and I feel great. It might be worth just avoiding goitrogenic foods for a week and seeing if it has an effect.

    Btw, if it's difficult for you to get an appt at your doctors or just don't want to bother asking him/her, Asda pharmacies test blood sugar free of charge.

  • Jackie's right, though. Asda will only test fasting glucose and the definitive test is the HBA1C. (Gives an average blood sugar result over the 10 weeks running up to the test.) If your glucose is dodgy in anyway, take the result to your doctor so he can confirm any problem with an HBA1C.

  • Biotene will help to keep your mouth moisturised.

    I have exactly the same excessive dry mouth as you do and although worse during the night, it can happen any time for me.

    I have been tested for Sjorgrens and type 2 diabetes in the past....the Sjorgrens was a negative but is difficult to diagnose and I was borderline on the type 2 diabetes.

    As all my symptoms are back I am being tested again this week for the diabetes.


  • I have the dry mouth excessive thirst problem too. I have yearly regular full bloods and nothing ever shows up but recently this problem has become worse. I put it down to the extra stress in my life right now, going through house sale and purchase but in the back of my mind I keep telling myself I should persist for more investigation into this. Most of the time I am so tired I can't get my brain in gear to do anything about it.

  • Just a little addition to this discussion, Low cortisol affects the sodium and fluid balance.



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