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GOITRE - help with blood tests?

My diagnosis of the goitre was easy. I lost a lot of weight on Lighterlife and the swelling in the throat was obvious. Luckily it was benign when tested. I have had my meds done by the GP most recently last Feb:

Thryoid function test (SF409) - normal, no action.

Serum TSH level 0.8 mIU/L (0.4 - 5.0)

Serum free T4 level 17pmol/L (9 - 19)

Haematinic comments - some abnormalities, none serious, see Dr 2-4 wks. False normal serum B12 results may rarely occur. If there is a high clinical suspicion of pernicious anaemia or subacute degeneration of the cord, please discuss further testing.

Methotrexate, aminopterin & folinic acid (Leucoverin) cross react with folate binding proteins in folate asseys. This may give rise to falsely high serum folate results.

Serum vitamin B12 362 ng/L (189 - 883)

Serum folate 4.6 ug/L (4.8 - 19.0)

I notice there is no T3 result which is what everyone is talking about. Can anyone make sense of the above so I know what to ask when I go to my appointment at the Surrey Park Clinic. I have always had hormone problems (not ovulating). I have all the symptoms of hypo - weight problems, dry skin, tiredness, and loss of the outer eybrow! My mother has 125 of levothyroxin and has pernicious anaemia, so the apple might not have fallen far from the tree. The doctor says I'm fine because my T4 is normal - here have some anti-depressants. I hate taking medicine so I don't want to have a problem but I am fed-up with feeling tired and coping with the food cravings. I have already learnt so much on this site especially that I'm not alone. Thanks

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Sam, your TSH and FT4 are stellar and I doubt any GP will agree to prescribe Levothyroxine. Labs generally decline to test FT3 unless TSH is suppressed but you can order your own FT3 test from Blue Horizon and Genova

Your folate is deficient and your GP should prescribe folic acid. Methylfolate is a better replacement if you are prepared to self supplement.

Your B12 is low in range and as neuropathy can be experienced when it is <500 it would be beneficial to supplement with sublingual lozenges, spray or patch. DON'T supplement B12 until after you've discussed your folate deficiency with your GP and whether any tests for Pernicious Anaemia are scheduled.

Vitamin D and ferritin deficiency can cause fatigue and low mood so ask for them to be tested. Ferritin ideally is 70-90 and vitD high in range 75-200.


Thanks for your advice, I will follow this up. My GP doesn't think I have any deficiencies so has not tested me further.


Well, you're folate deficient for one. How the devil will he know whether or not you are deficient if he doesn't test? It's not like your skin flashes out little signs saying help me :)


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