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My TSH is1.67 Ft4 21.5 & T31.7.I am onLiquid as it is the only medication My body will tolerate .I still feel a lack of energy so do I need

a small amount of T3as well ? I am struggling to pay for the Liquid at £80 per bottle .How can I get this on the NHS My problem is that a private Dr has treated me and this is the first time in 8 years that I have felt I just might be regaining my health.Has anyone else used Liquid Thyroxine---- it is much better absorbed by the body.

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I assume your private doctor corresponds with your GP to keep him abreast of your treatment. If so, he should also request that, as you are feeling so much better on the liquid medication, your GP now prescribe on the NHS.

I am glad you are feeling a great improvement and considering our medication is for life, you are entitled to a prescription. If there is a problem, write to your MP.