how often do i need to have TSH tests done if i am not on a therapeutic level of medication yet

been on medication since october. My last test suggested that i was overmedicated so i have lowered the dose. I have not been recalled for another test and its been 6 weeks since my last test. my doctor told me he wasn't going to test me again until just before i see an endocrinologist in mid May.....the thing is i am still symptomatic and was wondering if i need to wait a further 7 weeks before being retesting (meaning that the test since my last test will be 3 months) when i finally get to see the endocrinologist.

I was under the impression that if you have not reached a therapeutic dose whilst on medication you need regular testing?

are there any solid NICE guidelines to suggest this so that i can call my doctor and ask for a re test?


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  • Bioluminence, monitoring 6-8 weeks after a dose adjustment is usually recommended. NICE recommends 2-3 months.

  • Are you still on a quarter of a grain of NDT? Not enough to treat a hypothyroid bluebottle, so not surprised you still have symptoms.

    Every 6-8 weeks, as Clutter has said.

  • 'a hypothyroid bluebottle' HA HA HA!

  • When you say your test suggested you were overmedicated what test did the doctor do? Was it just TSH? If you're still symptomatic - and if you are on a very small dose like Jazz says - then my guess is that you're undermedicated rather than overmedicated. If you haven't already done so you could post your last results on here and let people take a look at them and advise you better.

  • Please post your last results with ranges so we can help with your so called over medication :-)

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