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how often do i need to have TSH tests done if i am not on a therapeutic level of medication yet

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been on medication since october. My last test suggested that i was overmedicated so i have lowered the dose. I have not been recalled for another test and its been 6 weeks since my last test. my doctor told me he wasn't going to test me again until just before i see an endocrinologist in mid May.....the thing is i am still symptomatic and was wondering if i need to wait a further 7 weeks before being retesting (meaning that the test since my last test will be 3 months) when i finally get to see the endocrinologist.

I was under the impression that if you have not reached a therapeutic dose whilst on medication you need regular testing?

are there any solid NICE guidelines to suggest this so that i can call my doctor and ask for a re test?


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Bioluminence, monitoring 6-8 weeks after a dose adjustment is usually recommended. NICE recommends 2-3 months.

Are you still on a quarter of a grain of NDT? Not enough to treat a hypothyroid bluebottle, so not surprised you still have symptoms.

Every 6-8 weeks, as Clutter has said.

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gabkad in reply to Jazzw

'a hypothyroid bluebottle' HA HA HA!

When you say your test suggested you were overmedicated what test did the doctor do? Was it just TSH? If you're still symptomatic - and if you are on a very small dose like Jazz says - then my guess is that you're undermedicated rather than overmedicated. If you haven't already done so you could post your last results on here and let people take a look at them and advise you better.

Please post your last results with ranges so we can help with your so called over medication :-)

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