results anybody help please

latest results was on 175mcg levo asked to drop to 150mcg levo as results as follows

TSH 0.02 LOW FOLATE 9.58 ug/l, FERRITIN 138ug/l,VITB12 383.2ng/l, VIT D 47.1 nmol/l on no supplements,interpretation. says on my results vitamin d deficiency? no other results serum T4 25.1pmoi/l, free triodothyronine 5.7 pmoi/l stated. in brackets it says blood haematinic levels = original result HAEMATINICS? What is that? please what do I do next like hitting head against brick wall- never been offered to see endo- sick of feeling crap! vibrations pins/needly worst, let alone bad achy joints, tired- you know the routine. thank you people in advance x

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Do you have any ranges for those numbers? It's hard to say without them, but your T4 looks a tiny bit high.

(Haematinics are the chemical agents or substances which are required for normal erythropoiesis (making of red blood cells). These are Iron (Fe), Cobalt (Co), Zinc (Zn), Vit-B12, Folic acid and Erythropoietin).

Vit D is definitely deficient. You might find that getting your Vit D up helps quite a lot to get rid of aches and pains. I'd look at supplementing between 3000iu and 5000iu a day (which is quite a bit more than the measly 400iu you normally find in mulitivits).

thank you

Your Vitamin B12 isn't brilliant either. Low B12 can cause pins and needles. Might be worth supplementing - you can't overdose, it just gets excreted.

thank you

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