Been treating my Hashi with energy medicine doc 6+ yrs, looking at working with US Dr. Gina Honeyman now-anyone have experience of her?

I have been away from thyroid replacement hormone for 6 and a half years. Was using a naturopath/energy meds doc by phone consultation in the States but unfortunately my thyroid is underactive again- showed in blood work in March. I've been taking Kelp as per naturopath instructions and tsh has gone down by one full point in 3 months. She believes my nervous system & thyroid was under attack from EMF: Smart phone and Wifi and Smart meter. It took ages to figure out offenders and therefore reduce exposure. We moved to this house which had Smart meter last July. Finally got it removed a month ago. Stopped using WIFI and reduced my Smartphone use dramatically. Bad headaches and dizziness reduced greatly but I'm worried about this long term- everywhere we go is offering wifi I am considering going on thryroid replacement, can't live in isolation- don't want to live in isolation! Had very bad experiences 7 years ago with docs and endos that started in 2001, was adrenal stage 3 burnout- so many bad memories of sleep apnea-palpitations, hallucinations, insomnia ete etc. Very very nervous to get back on the rollercoaster. Any feedback would be very welcome.

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  • If anyone has information, please send a private message to love2.

  • Gina used to work with Dr Lowe who was a pioneer in treating thyroid so sure you can trust her

    Could be somewhat expensive though

    There is a good naturopath here whom several people have seen and have good reports of who has clinics in oxford, london , bournemouth etc and treats with NDT

  • reallyfedup123 I hit the send button too soon...years ago I had learned all about Dr. Lowe but I was just wondering had anyone been treated by Dr Gina so I could get their feedback

  • i believer Dr Honeyman used to be married to Dr Lowe .

  • yes so I believe galathea- do you know anyone that she has treated?

  • Could I get the name of this person? Thank you so much for getting back to me.

  • Could I get the name of this person? Thank you so much for getting back to me.

  • Love2, use the yellow Reply to this button to send an email alert to RFU that you have asked her a question.

  • This is Gina Honeyman's internet page:-

    Once you are diagnosed as hypothyroid, thyroid hormone replacement is necessary for your lifetime. You must be properly treated to prevent untold damage. This is a good link which covers several possibilities and this is an excerpt:-

    Can you head on down to the local health food store, pick up some supplements, make a few dietary changes, and fix your thyroid problem yourself?

    Probably not. Since it's hard for even experienced alternative practitioners to sort out the complexity of a thyroid imbalance and treat it naturally, it's even more of a challenge for the average person. There is also the risk that your condition will get worse.

    And with hypothyroidism, treatment can prevent the condition from progressing (and causing weight gain and atherosclerosis along the way.) And untreated or undertreated hypothyroidism can cause infertility, endanger pregnancy, or cause other hormonal problems, such as erratic menstrual cycles or difficult menopause.

    Be especially wary about costly supplements marketed all over the Internet that tout themselves as thyroid cures, or suggest that they are an alternative to prescription thyroid medications.

  • Thank you shaws! I see that now and thanks for your reply. I was over 4 years being treated 'conventionally' and was never right. Over the 6 years up until this year my thyroid bloods were always in normal range and antibodies negative and more importantly I felt much better..we worked together on 3 levels, nutrition (supplements+) structure (chiropractic adjustments) and emotional (body talk) fyi. No mater what we've done in last 9 months it just isn't 'holding' and I am really at wits end with feeling unwell.

  • Could you maybe be prescribed T3 which is the active thyroid gland hormone required by every cell, without enough we cannot function.

  • really don't know shaws, I am trying to find a doc I'm comfortable with- I am in Ireland and cannot find one that knows the deal. Will not just start off again on the usual t4 and see how i do because i know the problems i will encounter here. I don't want to start working with a doc that is incompetent and end up fighting with them and feeling really alone, aggravated and sick. Once you are back on replacement I believe you must stay on..I had very bad experience years ago coming off it to see if I was thyrotoxic- on the advice of a thyroid expert in the UK. I had a 4 month nightmare in and out of hospitals, tremors, panic, you name it. Only Armour suited me originally but of course none of the docs/endos believed in armour so they put me back on eltroxin (t4) I used to go into tremors a few hours after taking so then the'd prescribe xanax and sleeping pills- but I refused the xanax, eventually tried the sleeping pills while in hospital as I was going loopy without sleep and all the fear and stress of knowing I was being treated by people that didn't know what they were doing. The sleeping pills wouldn't work- I'd dose off for half hour and be a wake again so I stopped taking completely when they wanted me to take three at a time. I could literally write a book like a lot of us..It took a long time to get over all that, I'm still not over it but a little wiser. Will have to have adrenals saliva testing done first before starting any replacement hormone according to my research. Thanks so much for your reply

  • I must admit that it is a guessing game to find the right medication. It's a real pity you've had all the above problems. Sometimes people do better on their own when they know what suits them.

    I hope you find a solution. I know myself how dreadful I was/felt on levo.

  • thanks shaws- it's nice to be communicating here. I appreciate your reply. I've been alone too long with this. I wonder has there been any good Irish docs list gathered over the years by thyroid UK? they don't seem to have any info like that on the site- I remember there used to be a schedule for Dr Peatfield on there or a link- maybe I'm mistaken. Is there any list of good UK docs compiled? If there isn't I think there should be!

  • This page on the main site refers to a list of private docs.

    For a list of NHS endos that other patients have had good experiences with, send an email to

  • thanks red apple- I have sent a request for the private list by email- don't want to have to wait for snail mail to reveal a dead end for Ireland. Really not feeling well at all today.

  • i did it again! see my reply below shaws please!

  • YOu and she are absolutely right about the wifi. It's a thyroid zapper. For the science see or You'll be appalled at the amount of published evidence there is of its toxicity.

    I know it's everywhere, but there's plenty we can do, given that fibre optic is a quicker and safer alternative. Great that you've got rid of them from your own home - you have a safe and healthy space for your body to recover.

    Now, could you share the information with your neighbours - show them the evidence and ask them to turn off the wifi when not in use.. Write to your MP about the blanket coverage in libraries and schools - Dr Martha Herbert of Harvard Medical Schoool is actively campaigning against this - write to your local paper, your local councillor. Point out that Lloyds of London ceased to insure telecoms companies for public liability in 1999. They stopped insuring the asbestos companies in 1913, and look how long that took to make the mainstream. Lloyds reads the scientific press.

    And could you pm me with the name of your eminently sensible naturopath?

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