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Where is the best placed to get advice?

Hi all,

I feel like I'm lost at sea a little at the moment.

So I was finally, diagnosed with Hypothyrodism about a year ago. I changed GP and asked for blood tests because I had another miscarriage (that was number 3) and they checked my thyroid as well as blood glucose (type 2 diabetic). They then put me on Levothyroxine - I'm now on 150mg each day. Apparently, when they got my info from my previous GPs blood tests I had had 2 years indicated Hypothyrodism but they choose not to tell me or medicate me.

I've since gone on to have a fourth miscarriage and the GP was incredibly dismissive and said it was probably just because of my thyroid and because I'm FAT!! Yes she actually said that after telling me I was having my fourth miscarriage.

Anyhow, nearly a year on and I have joined slimming world, lost nearly 2.5 stone, and have been really feeling rotten, so battled with my GP to get blood tests and they said my levels were slightly high so reduced it slightly on one day. Two weeks on and I still feel awful, have brain fog, constant tiredness etc.

I don't know where to turn to, my GP is useless but I just don't think I am being medicated properly or do I just have to live like this? We are still trying for a baby (been trying 6.5years) but worried we will get pregnant and lose it again!

Any pointers?

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Hi Bexy, I'm so sorry to hear about your mis-carriages. Let's see if we can improve things, so that it doesn't happen again.

The first thing to do is get copies of your blood test results. You need to know exactly what was tested and exactly what the results were. Just telling you that your levels were 'slightly high', just does not cut it. It's meaningless. But, if you start taking more of a detailed interest in your health - wanting to know the numbers, etc - they might take more interest, too! If they ask why you want your results, just tell them it's for your private records.

When you get the results - and it's your legal right to have them - post them on here - with the ranges - and let's see what's going on.

And, tell your ill-mannered doctor that you are not fat. Your hypo-weight gain is not fat, it is mucin and water. Doubt if she'll know what that means! lol And, also, if you are over-weight, it's her fault, because she has mis-managed your treatment. :)


Thank you for your response, I will definitely contact the GP and ask for print outs of my test results




Oh Bexy77 ((hugs)). My daughter-in-law went through this so I know how you must be feeling.

Dose changes take a few weeks to feel much different but I'm worried because there are members on here who have struggled with pregnancy and miscarriages like you. I don't know exactly what the ideal numbers are but I think your TSH has to be kept below a certain level when you are pregnant and possibly your GP doesn't know this.

First of all, do you have your thyroid test results? If not, ask your surgery for a print out, they can't refuse as you are legally entitled to them under the Data Protection Act 1998, although they may make a small charge for printing. When you have the results make a new thread, post the results with the reference ranges (usually in brackets) and members will comment.

If you can edit the title of this thread to include something about miscarriage help required, then those members who have been through this can see and hopefully come along and help. You can edit your post by clicking on the down arrow and choosing 'Edit', hopefully you can edit the title as well as the message.


Thank you so much for your response. I will definitely ask for a print out and post the results in this thread

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Also check out anti-phospholipid syndrome, (APS). After 3 miscarriages you should at least be tested to see if you have it.


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