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Is anyone who takes NDT also taking T3?


Have recently started on Armour on 2.05mg a day. Feeling much better generally, but having read the post re T3 and weight loss wondered if I need more T3 as weight is not really shifting - I know it's early days and the important thing is regaining my general health (I believe I'm on the way to this) but would also hope to get rid of some of this excess 'baggage' I've acquired since being unwell with Hypo Wishing you all good health Jeannie x

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Jeannie, The article was discussing low levels of FT3 slowing metabolism and leading to weight gain. NDT contains T3. You really need to allow a few weeks for your body to get used to NDT and adapt to an increased metabolism before you'll see any weight loss. T3 should NOT be used as a fat burner. That route will lead to over medication, hyperactive symptoms and possible atrial fibrillation.

jeanniex in reply to Clutter

Yes Clutter that's really why I asked the question - there's no way I'd compromise the good effects of NDT - as my metabolism (hopefully) re-adjusts I'm sure I'll start losing! Thanks for your reply x

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