Does anybody have Heart Failure (therefore on Betablockers) and also take T3

Im asking as my elderly mother has hf (she is on medication and has no symptoms), however, she is quite unwell with tired heavy legs and generally no energy, this has been going on for approx 12 months, she's on antibiotics quite often for diverticulitis. I asked her Dr this week if T3 would give her the boost she needs and make her thrive, but he said it probably would but wouldn't do her heart any good. Iv read different articles about T3 possibly being the secret weapon for hf - is the Dr wrong? I can't help feel this is all she needs to regain some quality to her life, advise welcome x

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  • I don't have heart failure but I take T3 and, if anything, it calmed my heart right down as I severe palpitations with levothyroxine (T4). GPs know little about T3 except that it is 4 times stronger than levo but they seem unaware that every single cell requires T3 for the body to function properly. T4 can sometimes not be converted into enough T3 This is a link re T3 and the USA Cytomel brand has no known side effects.

    This is a link and reference to heart is on the r/h side.

    This link is self-explanatory.

  • Thankyou Shaws these links are great, i will print off and take to her Dr xx

  • Has your mother had proper thyroid function tests?FT4, FT3, RT3 as well as TSH. I was told I had heart failure, when actually I had become hypothyroid after RAI for Graves'. I was put on beta blockers, which made things worse. Through discovering Dr. P. I did a 24 hour urine test, which showed I had no functoning thyroid hormone at all.

  • Hi Trixie64, no she has only ever had TSH, i cannot persuade anybody to run the other tests even Dr B! I will order private blood test today, thank you x

  • Hi I have had thyroid disease and heart failure a long time.with Beta blockers Properolol puts on weight, Nebivolovol dearer is good. and does not. Thyroid test must not be done after taking them that day, defer taking them.until after blood test, false result.I have armour and T3 as otherwise FT3 below range. It is safe, so long as never goes over range and she has just enough to help her. Lots of tests. Actually I find my complicated heart is worse if FT3 too low. Good cardios accept this but must be under a good Endo. bad cardios, there are many! do not understand. in fact they do thyroid bloods without permission and then immediately after taking the thyroid meds. even vets know this is useless. I have .lots of rows under stupid cardios in hospital!

    Best wishes,


  • So you Jackie are living proof that you can take T3 with Heart Failure! I think i will order today a private T3 blood test as nobody is willing to test it, thank you x

  • Hi Yes, for many years. The test is vital and strong will with some docs!


  • Research done in Pisa Italy - where for the first time Endocrinologists and Cardiologists came together for the purpose of research. They have research published on Pub Med and there is a book on Amazon

    You can look at the contents on-line - very expensive to buy. You will probably see that T3 is the star of the show !

    Like shaws my heart has settled down since treatment. Pulse has increased though - but not dangerously high :-)

  • Thankyou Marz, i had a quick look at this on Amazon, I will try to get a copy from the library and show it to her Dr, I just don't believe her Dr is aware of the benefits of T3 x

  • DWSmith,

    Apart from agreeing with the others that T3 may be helpful to your mother if she has thyroid dysfunction, I wonder whether she has been tested for ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate deficiency? If she is deficient or low in range she will feel very unwell and they are common deficiencies in the elderly.

  • Hi Clutter, yes she is iron deficient and on 200 x 2 Ferrus Sulphate a day, but surprisingly her D3 and B12 are very high her D3 was 135 ! her Dr cannot believe it and insists she's taking supplements but she's not. I think she's experiencing several hypo symptoms and i took her to Dr B recently but she was only interested in her TSH, she said a higher TSH in the elderly is better than a low one…? But she agreed that she needs something to help her thrive….?

  • TSH does rise in the elderly.

    Has anyone checked her FT4 and FT3?

  • No, only her TSH, i have ordered a private blood test yesterday to test both, thank you for all your advice, will let you know how we get on xx

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