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Picking some thyroid brains out there..... After some info/opinions on why my body has started producing thyroglobulin antibodies?!??!

Bit of history.... Thyroid cancer 2006, thyroid removed and RAI. Treated with Thyroxine since and blood work and thyroglobulin and antibodies have all been great until now. Thyroglobulin is still undetectable but thyroglobulin antibodies have appeared. Any opinions appreciated.

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LC, I think there must be thyroid cells somewhere for thyroglobulin antibodies to appear. What level are the antibodies?

I was advised that recurrence of my cancer was unlikely as long as thyroglobulin remains <6, so the fact that your Tg remains undetectable is good.

Has your oncologist or endo said why the TgAb have increased?


Thanks for the reply.

The antibody levels are not high - 18.7 - but when they have been undetectable for 7-8 years, it is not the norm for me :-).

They are not sure either - obviously something is causing my body to make them. Was wondering if they a could be 'attracted' to parathyroid glands as I still have those. I have an ultrasound booked in as there is a small swelling around the neck area.

We talked about the thyroglobulin level still being good - but she said that as the antibodies are present that it makes this reading unreliable.

Will post when I hear/find out more.


any news? hope it went well


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