Keep getting these almost daily at the moment, had them most days over the past 3 weeks. Been to the GP and got tablets, (Sumitriptan) which worked most of the time but have run out, and verapamil to take daily as a preventive.

My question is, has anyone else had these, are they thyroid related or as my GP suggests, peri-menopausal migraines? I think he says this because he asked me how many in the past six months and I said about half a dozen, but the past 3 weeks it's just unbearable.

And are these tablets compatible with levothyroxine? I'm currently alternating 125/150mcg per day, taken at night away from food and other tablets.

I'm also supplementing with B12 5000 iu methylbalamin daily. (only for the past 10 days).

I have a GP appointment Wednesday.

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  • I"m so happy to see you are taking methyl 5000iu daily :) keep going if your headaches are down to that it can take a while to correct itself.

    headaches can be related to SO MANY THINGS, those you listed included food sensitivities too and others (which one can develop later in life by the way).

    those meds can be taken with levo yes.

  • Thanks - I don't think the headaches are due to it, as they've been intermittent for a while and more frequent since I started the B12! Although as I had them before I don't think it's down to that. My GP says that they are not good at working out what these things are caused by! Very helpful!

    Thanks for the info.

  • if your headaches have gotten worse since starting b12 the it could be that they were due to b12 deficiency.

    It is well known that b12 deficiency symptoms can get worse before they get better once you start supplementing.

    the following mentions injections, however it applies also to high dose supplementation:


  • That makes some sense, I guess. My GP doesn't think I'm deficient but I was tested at 317 (range 150-99999) and I think that's deficient. I tried to explain about converting T3, and that I'm vegetarian and he didn't really take it on board but the more I went on the more he agreed that I needed to try something.

  • yes I agree with you, at 317 it is 'very dodgy' so well done for starting on the 5000mcg daily and keep it up :)

  • My migraines are often linked to even the smallest intake of alcohol - darn it! I don't know if you are aware or not but sumatriptan is also available in nasal spray and injection. Lessens the upset tummy from the tabs.

  • I did have a glass of wine last night. But didn't start the migraine till about 4 this afternoon. Not been drinking much alcohol lately either.

    I haven't had a tummy upset as yet but I'll bear that info in mind, thanks.

  • My first experience of migraines (with visual aura and debilitating vertigo) was menopause-related and when I took HRT they settled. However, later, trying to come off HRT again I battled through migraine and was prescribed zolmitriptans to help. So in my experience definitely hormonal. I was warned not to take too many 'triptans' as they can actually cause headaches. No problem with taking them when you are on levo.

    However, migraine can be thyroid-related. Neurologist told me that thyroid hormone levels do not cause migraine but there is a 'co-morbidity', i.e. when you have a thyroid problem it is quite common to also suffer migraine. I found that when I was over-medicated on thyroxine I suffered them again, though apparently it is more normal to suffer them when hypo/under-medicated.

    Have you had recent TFTs? How are your thyroid levels? Do you have any other symptoms of being either over or under medicated?

    As others have said there are so many possible triggers. Hope you get them under control.

  • Sadly since I had ER+ breast cancer, HRT is not an option for me although the GP keeps suggesting it. Yes, I've got triptans, but they're starting to not work for me already.

    The doctors say they think I am over-medicated but I'm not. Had recent TFT's and 0.02 (range something like <0.01-5.6) and FT4 18. However I did argue with my GP that he didn't know if the T4 was being converted to T3 and since the labs won't test it, they won't know. He had no answer for me. He's actually pretty good in his way, unfortunately his hands are tied by the NHS and local guidelines.

    I have no energy in the mornings, am taking my levo at night and my brain fog is awful. I now have pregabalin to take as a preventive ... which I've had before as nerve pain relief but it makes me very drowsy/slow.

  • So sorry about having had cancer treatment and HRT not an option, though in my experience it only delayed things anyway and you still get menopause symptoms in the end!

    The challenge is working out what triggers the migraine. Have you seen a neurologist? If your GP can't work out how to help, maybe he would be willing to refer you.

  • I'm going back on Wednesday so perhaps we will get somewhere. He'll refer me if I ask him to.

  • Have you seen this website: headacheexpert.co.uk/ There is a section on migraines. It used to have a section on co-morbidity of thyroid problems and migraine, but it seems to have disappeared!

    I used Blue Horizons to get the Thyroid Intermediate Panel done which includes FT3. See link on Thyroid UK website: thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin.... Scroll down to the section on homebloodtests - which are probably the easiest way to do it.

  • Hi Mistydoy.

    Fellow migraine sufferer here. I have been suffering for many years and have gone through all of the medications and have felt a bit like a test guinea pig at times with the amount of things they have thrown at me. But I am not sure about the connection to the thyroid as they have only just started to look at mine despite years of symptoms but the only thing I can offer is advice if it helps. The best migraine medication around is called RIZATRIPTAN BENZOATE or Maxalt Melts as they are more commonly known, they have been my life saver. You might have to argue with the doctor to get them as they are expensive but worth every penny as they actually work, you take them at the onset amd they greatly reduce the pain. Something to do with opening up the blood vessels in your head or something like that. I hope this helps hun xx

  • Thanks for replying. I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired. I will ask next time.

  • Hi Mistydog,

    I was having migraines for years. I would end up in the Emergency Room at least once a month with a lecture on how I should try to find some medication that would work. I took every kind of medication and went to every specialist, and nothing seemed to help, I even tried Botox injections and they didn't do anything either. On the recommendation of a friend, I ended up going to a chiropractor and he said that the vertebra in my neck were compressing on a blood vessel causing the blood flow to be interrupted. I thought that it was weird, but I was desperate. The funny thing is that when he adjusted me the migraine went away by that evening. It came back a week later and I decided to test it and see if it would work the second time or if it was in my imagination. I went in and had my neck adjusted and the migraine went away again. After that it took longer and longer for them to come back. My doctor was shocked that it worked after I had had these headaches for so long. Might be something to try.

  • My neck does have restricted movement. I'll try it, thanks

  • My migraines did not stop after the menopause. They got worse. I take Topiramate as a preventative and sumatriptan in-between. When I get the breakthrough headaches they are unbearable Before I had the Topiramate I had no life at all I had Migraines at least 4 days a week. I have sumatriptan tablets at home which I take at the first sign of a headache. Plus I have the spray in my bag for if I am outside. I would not be able to get home if a bad attack came on.

  • Thanks for your reply, Myma. II'm sorry to hear you are suffering still. I have been told to take gabapentin as a preventative but it makes my head feel full of cotton wool. Appointment this morning.

  • I have not heard of that drug. I was prescribed Topiramate at the hospital and the dose was increased slowly over many weeks to a maximum dose which I now take. It worked for a long time till suddenly I started getting breakthrough headaches. I think the Eltroxin had something to do with that happening. When I went on the Eltroxin I had a second dose of Bells Palsy All my symptoms got worse. Please post how you get on with your appointment?

  • I suddenly started having severe migraines 4 years ago. I took sumatriptan 100mcg and could have 2 severe migraines a week over 2 or 3 days which would totally wipe me out. Once I was on over 75mcg of levothyroxine my migraines lessened massively. Funnily enough although I was only diagnosed in January with Hashi's the endo said I've been borderline hypo for 4 years!

  • That's interesting, Sharon. I've been adjusting my meds. I found that 150mg was too much to go back to full time so I've been on 125/150 alternate days. I never used to have them (perhaps one or two a year) but they've definitely increased to probably about 12 a month now. Sumitriptan 100mcg is what I have got from the GP now. Glad you have got your diagnosis now! AND at least your endo seems to be giving you some information!

  • My endo is an endoknob!! he told me all my symptoms were caused by the grief of losing my brother 2 years ago, and he told me that within 3 minutes of my first appointment! I'm hoping to see a different endo next time.

  • My Migraines lessened when taking a T3/T4 combo,and touch wood since going T3 only,I haven't had any. :)

  • Just had a hashi's diagnosis so am going to try some g/f things. My gp is going to find life getting pretty awkward from now on! He did say last time that he wanted to help me and I said you could prescribe me some NDT! He smiled but I can tell I'm getting to him!

  • Misty, do you grind your teeth at night? This can cause tension in the jaw, head and neck. Dentist can make you a mouth guard/gum shield which helps. Cranial osteopath noticed the lessening of head and jaw tension without my mentioning the mouth guard

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