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I was just given meds for my thyroid ... They made me VERY JITTERY !! I am prone to ANXIETY !! can I take Zoloft with it?

Can I take my thyroid med before bed (my bedtime is in the MORNING) my fiancé works nights ... I rather take whatever would make me sleepy when he leaves for work at 6pm then take the med causing the most anxiety.. I also was given a Rx for Valium

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You will find a lot of discussion about when people take theirs by reading the comments on this poll:

I take mine at bed-time - always have.



Denise, I used to take Sertraline (Zoloft) at night as it warned you might feel drowsy (I didn't) and thyroid meds in the morning. Take your thyroid meds at whichever time of day suits you but make sure it is taken with plenty of water an hour before, or two hours after, food and drink, two hours away from other meds and supplements and 4 hours away from calcium and iron.


Thyroid meds should be started at a low dose and raised slowly. If you have been Hypo for awhile, it takes the body time to adjust to the increased metabolism. Depression and Anxiety can be a symptom of Hypo. Many of us were given antidepressants and anxiety meds that we don't need and they have made our journey to health much longer. I would strongly advise against Valium, it is terribly addictive and ask for a beta blocker instead. Hashimotos comes with trembling and anxiety. Also, too low a dose of t4 will make you more hypo and feel worse. It is horribly confusing and time consuming. Read all you can .


What is your starting dose of levothyroxin (I guess it is levo, if not, please correct me)? Do you have your thyroid test results - the one's that made your doc prescribe you thyroid meds?


If they make you jittery, you’re over medicated. Never try to treat the symptom, treat the cause.


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