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Tsh supressed but t4 within range, am I over medicated?

Hi, just got blood results back: tsh 0.02 (0.27-4.2)

T4 21 (10-22)

Im reducing down from 125 to 100/125 alternate days. I have no idea how I'm feeling as I'm a little depressed at the moment and just been prescribed sertraline (is this OK with thyroxine??)

Is this classed as being over replaced? I'm a bit confused by it all.


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Others in here are more knowledgable than me but I feel better with a suppressed TSH. Do you have your T3 level? I wouldn't be decreasing without knowing that. Especially if you still have symptoms (depression). T4 is in range and you are on Levo so it should be at the high end.

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I've never had t3 tested. I think the depression is post natal to be honest, I know what thyroid related depression feels like and its diufferent. I really appreciate your reply though!


I wouldn't adjust my dose just according to the TSH. My usual TSH is 0.01. Email and ask for a copy of the Pulse online article by Dr Toft.

Read question 6 and you will see that some of us need a suppressed TSH to feel well and you may well get more symptoms by reducing.

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Thanks Shaw's I have his book so have read that. I don't know what to do!


Precious little people,

Leave meds as they are as your results on paper look fine.

If you are suffering with post natal depression, you are definitely going to need to be optimally thyroid hormone medicated.

Under medication of thyroid hormones could cause further symptoms and make depression worse.

You say you have no idea how you are feeling but have already managed to identify that the depression doesn't feel thyroid related. Therefore you have answered your own question.

Your previous post said you "felt" over medicated then and Clutter suggested that you dropped your dose. Do you still feel that way? Only you know how you feel.

Dropping meds if they don't need to be at such a vulnerable time when your post natal hormones are all over the place would be very short sighted and may take a long time to recover from.

Preciouslittlepeople, don't let your doctor bully you into changes unless you think they are right.


Thank you. I did feel a bit over medicated a while ago but them it seemed to swing the other way, I'm all over the place I think! My Dr stressed today not to go up again to 125, so now I don't know what to do!



What we are all saying on this forum is only adjust your meds according to how you feel, not according to your test results.

If you feel over medicated then reduce but beware that each dosage change must have a period of 4 -6 weeks in between otherwise your poor post natal body won't know what is happening hormone wise.

If you have been prescribed Sertraline and feel depressed, then you should take it. However, be aware that the report below suggests that Sertraline may increase the metabolism of T4, therefore requiring a bigger dose of hormone meds anyway.


As far as I am conmcerned after years on forums and with the experiences of all my family you are in no way over medicated

Are you careful to NEVER NEVER take thyroid meds in the 24 hours before a test because that will skew results


Lol I took them 12 hours before.


that will have affected things abit

make it 24 hrs in future and early AM too


NEVER let your doctor reduce your meds based on blood tests alone, go by hoe you feel not by numbers.


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