Feeling of something stuck in my throat

Just when I thought things were settling down another new symptom appears : ( Have a feeling of something stuck and try to clear it by coughing hard but nothing happens. Saw the doctor and he said "it's not your thyroid" and prescribed Gaviscon saying it's reflux. Admittedly I think Gaviscon gave a bit of relief but it is back again this morning upon waking. Anyone have this or have any ideas if it's thyroid related or reflux like the doctor suggests?

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  • I had this for a loooong time. Thyroid meds helped a bit, but it was diet that really helped me resolve it. I think in my situation it was caused by reactions to certain foods.

    Do you also find you have phlegm in your throat that you have to clear out most mornings? Do you often eat sugary snacks / junk food / candies?

  • Hi dang and thank you for replying. Yes to the phlem in the mornings! Eat generally healthily but do have a sweet tooth! What did you find helped the most, did you see a doctor?

  • I saw many doctors, got diagnosed with all sorts of food intolerances, but what really helped me was a member on this forum. I realized that the phlegmy full throat was caused by my sweet tooth after hearing her similar experience. I was (still am) an incredibly healthy eater, my diet makes most people cringe because it's so limiting (in terms of junk food). But I would cheat from time to time with some gummy bears or something sweet, and this seemed caused the throat problem, it also lasts a while before it goes away (a few days at least).

    I'm also histamine intolerant, so there is a chance it's a histamine reaction, but I'm 95% certain, from my own experimentation, that it's just sugar. I'm off sugar now and the throat problem is gone, yet I still have the odd reactions to Histamine.

  • Thanks so much I am seeing a dietician next week so hopefully she will help me cut back on sugary stuff. Glad you managed to sort the problem it's quite annoying isn't it!

  • Good luck with it! Yes it's sooooo annoying, truly irritating. I feel for you. Just as a last note we're all different so it could be something else for you, but it's likely some food reaction (my doc also said it can't be the thyroid), so could be dairy, gluten, soy? (I stopped all those things and the throat did get better, but not fully fixed until I stopped sugar). Or it could be something specific to you, some allergy maybe.

    Good thing your dietician will be able to help! All the best!


  • I had that for years before my diagnosis. Even saw an ENT, who stuck a tube down my throat and said there was nothing there. Now my thyroid is dead (Hashi's) - or as good as - that feeling has gone. Ask for a scan (can't remember the name) to see if your thyroid gland is enlarged. It could be pressing on your oesophagus.

  • Thanks GG, Hashi's here too, I did wonder about a scan the last time I asked I was told NO! So you say your thyroid is dead, does that mean you have no more unpleasant symptoms?

  • Gosh, no! Don't mean that at all. I don't have the sensation of a lump in my throat, but I still have the persistant cough.

    It's not the gland itself that causes symptoms - unless it's over-large and pressing on things it shouldn't - it's the lack of T3. And even though I'm now on T3 only, some symptoms - like fatigue - persist.

    But, then, I'm not a typical case, so don't take me as an example in all things thyroid. I was hypo/Hashi's for a long, long time before diagnosis, and some permanent damage must have been done. I was just saying that it must have been my gland being swollen at that time, that caused that particular sensation.

  • I have that sometimes...sometimes is is reflux andsometimes it is sinus issues

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