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Supplements under threat by the European Union

This is an excerpt I received today:-

Urgent – we need your support

The European Union’s plan to regulate the supplements market is back on the agenda. It means there’s a very real danger that our vitamins and mineral supplements could be dramatically weakened and some may disappear. Millions of ordinary people will be denied the freedom to choose the supplements they rely on. We need your help to fight these unnecessary and unwelcome EU restrictions.

What action are we taking?

As you may know, Consumers for Health Choice has been successfully opposing the changes for over 15 years. Over 250,000 people have already supported the Save Our Supplements campaign – but now we’re taking it to the next level. We’re aiming for a further million people to sign our petition. That’s why we’re re-launching with a new website, new graphics, new posters and leaflets – plus a massive social media push.

4 important things you can do

Share this email with friends and family

Sign our petition – and encourage everyone else to do so – on Facebook or on our website.

Get involved at facebook/chcsos, twitter/chcsos and youtube/soschc

Contact your MP – find their details and download a letter template from our website to send an email

Remember, it’s absolutely vital that we prevent the EU from banning some supplements and taking away our choice. It’s in your hands. For more information, and to get involved, visit

Thanks for your support,

Yours sincerely

The SOS team

It’s in your hands

Find us on:

This is the video

8 Replies

Just signed and also posted it on FB Mary F


Also signed. Janet.


Don't forget 'open' Blogs and Qs can be FB liked and Tweeted directly from here - see under the post!



Signed, e-mailed MP. Very angry at threatened removal of freedom of choice.


I've signed too!


Many supplements are detrimental to your health, especially when you are taking other medicines. Many interact causing bad, and sometimes dangerous effects. Also, some supplements purchased online are not what they profess to be. Just BEWARE of supplements, the produces will tell you what you want to hear so that you buy them. Do a LOT of research first. I will not be signing.


Yes,I agree you have to research but I do buy a couple from abroad.


More medicines are detrimental to health than supplements. Try and find a death count from talking, say, a high dose of vitamin C or a capsule of milk thistle. You 'll find the number of deaths from prescription meds are much higher. And why should someone in Brussels have the right to say what you can and can't take? BTW hawthorn and arjuna have been proved in a recent study to be as effective and safer than prescription meds:

Most supplements aren't allowed to tell you anything on the pack any more, because of the EU. But a sugary cereal can pretend to be good for you as it contains "whole grains" (ground very very small).


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