Does anybody know and endocrinologist in the Greater Manchester area?

Does anybody know an endocrinologist in the Greater Manchester area that will prescribe Nature Throid?I know that Dr Peatfield has a surgery in Stockport every few months but i wondered if there were any others. I am just trying to do my research and gather all the information together before i make an appointment. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Unfortunately, Dr Peatfield cannot prescribe. If you email she has a list and one may be near you.

If any member has a name they will private message you as we don't post on the ordinary forum.


Thanks for your help. I did get a list off Louise but unfortunately there aren't any in my area.


Hi folks, don't really know how I got on this site I'm in Australia. So I better get my face of here. I'm 73 Lived here since I was 12yr. Old. Came from Scotland. This getting old isn't funny eh.


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