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hi, does anybody know a good neurologist im in chelmsford, i have options to to local hops

hi, does anybody know a good neurologist im in chelmsford, i have options to to local hospital- in chelmsford or maldon... or braintree... have thyroid issues AND ME/CFS, but im going about some issues im having with nerves/blood... bia gp referal to a referal to neurology... and know in past some neuros are not v good, many thanks if anbody knows anything/experiences

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Hi, out of interest what sort of blood/nerve issues, as if it if more specialized and autoimmune related, London is near on the main line? Is it migraine/dizziness etc type issues? London teaching hospitals often having good choices. MaryF


thanks mary, i wouldnt be able to treavel to london.. nto seven sure if i can make maldon as have neck problem and some days can only sit up 5mins, dont know how will make really, any other than chelmsford, but maldon maybe on a v good day , how to book and know ur l be ok then tho! regarding sypms will come back to sorry cant sit ehre without breaks


I am sorry you are so unwell. If someone knows of a neurologist near you they will send you a private message.

You say you have thyroid gland problems plus CFS/ME but these are usually interconnected in some way, so I think you may very well be undermedicated.

Are you on levothyroxine? If so, what dose? Get a print-out from your surgery or your latest blood test results (or get a new thyroid gland one if you haven't recently) and post them, with the ranges, for members to comment upon.

If you haven't had Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, iron, ferritin and folate tested ask for these to be done too, as usually we have a deficiency in the first two which can cause problems in themselves. Has your GP been negligent? Has he tested your blood for Pernicious Anaemia possibility.

This is a link re ME/CFS which may be helpful. Personally, I think if you take levothyroxine, you may be on too low a dose plus B12 etc deficiencies.


will dig my last blood test was from last year tho out think i havae copies


my T4 was 11.1 (6.3-14.0) . TSH 3.37 . B12 565. plasma folate 10 ng/mL . serum ferritin 17 ug/L, my vit D is being treated as private doc said low at 40 few years ago. im not on any levo no, my gp is useless and doesnt belive i have anything wrong at all i went many years with low b12 at 135 , prob got nerve damage too, in past tsh has been higher 4.4 and 5.6 and once a bit lower at 2.6 something

p.s also had saliva test cortisol which was low, tho blood test about 8 years ago or longer said was high and ESR comes back above range often too, UREA was below range and so was aminotransferease


I think the biggest mistake by the British Thyroid Foundation et al, is to make the prescribing of levothyroxine only if your TSH reaches 10. Because of this many doctors do not prescribe for the clinical symptoms but on the TSH alone. In the USA people are prescribed thyroid meds when their TSH reaches 3.

Pity you haven't a bet on with your GP. It is unbelievable the suffering that's caused unnecessessarily so in many cases.

I think because your TSH fluctuates that you may have antibodies, so get your GP to give you another thorough blood test, including full thyroid function, antibodies, iron, ferritin and folate if you had your last blood test last year.


I have no personal knowledge but this is a link I read about Dr Peter Bradbury who consults, I believe in Broomfield Hospital:-

and other neurologists in the same hospital


thanks shaws will have a look x


I have just been looking on line for you too Pinkstar and noticed that Dr Peter Bradbury is also at Springfield Hospital,Chelmsford.

Although this is a small private hospital( 64 beds) it does say that you may be able to receive treatment there via the NHS and I can confirm that one of my friends has done so and holds it in high esteem,having received excellent treatment.

So sorry to hear that you are suffering so badly and hope you can get help soon.X


thanks marfit, yes i went there once, did ur friend see the dr B there ?



My friend actually was given it in the list of choices for her hip operation,something entirely different( last year) she was so delighted with the care they gave her and the after care and is now back to a normal life enjoying shopping and gym visits,so she didn't see Dr P Bradbury.

I do have another friend though who has been there too and possibly may have seen him.I could ask her but will not see her until Wednesday and am not in e mail contact.

If I can find out anything I will send you a message.X


glad yoru friend is better, ah thankyou xxx


Hi there Pinkstar,

Not sure if you will have received my PM,but saw my friend about Dr. Peter Bradbury and he is the Neurologist that she is seeing.

She says he is 55ish and is very good.She has seen him via NHS at Broomfield and privately at Springfield hospital and would recommend him.

Hope this helps......Best Wishes.....Margaret x


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