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Cyrex Labs - does anyone have a price list and know places in the UK that do all the different array tests? The Thyroid Summit talkers are r

recommending them highly and they do sound very good. I managed to find a price for one test on the internet Array 4 Gluten Associated Sensitivity and Cross Reactive Foods Cyrex Labs. List Price 562.00 US Dollars & their price 279.00 US Dollars. I have no idea if this is accurate but it's a big difference! Can anyone recommend good laborites, including advice, near Portsmouth? I'm considering going to see Nutritionist Christine Bailey in Reading where they do the Cyrex Tests but would prefer to go somewhere nearer Portsmouth. Thanks for any help :) xxx

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Thyroid UK deals with Genova Diganostics and Blue Horizon Medicals - information here: We have no information about the lab you mention..

For transparency, we receive a small donation for each test ordered through either company.




Hi Louise, Thanks for the links. I'll look into them :)


I'm not sure whether either of those labs does the specific food sensitivity testing that Cyrex does. Tom O'Bryan, the American, "Anti-Gluten Guy", I believe said that Cyrex is the only one that does it accurately (there was a proprietary test implied, but who knows, maybe it's just American salesmanship bravado [i am also American, by the way]). For transparency, Tom O'Bryan is also involved with Cyrex in some sort of financial/ advisorial capacity. He did mention, in one of the video interviews in which I've seen him, that he had some info on how you could get the tests in the UK, so there must be someone here who partners with Cyrex. I've just never followed up. You could try checking his website. If I find out anything more, I'll post again.


Oh actually, I've just read that they're done through Regenerus Labs in the UK (it was announced on the website of your Ms. Bailey in Reading, but the article said that any doctor or practitioner in the UK, N.I. & Channel Islands that is registered with Regenerus could order the tests). So, all you need to do is a bit of research on Regenerus. Maybe someone there could tell you who, in your area, is registered with them. Good luck and let us know if you have the tests!


Type Regenerus into the Search Box and lots will appear !


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