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Hi! About 6 months ago my GP and consultant agree to try me on t3. I immediately saw a great improvement with 1/2 a liothyronine tablet(10 mcgs) three times a day plus 50mcgs levothyroxine. However I found myself still wiped out and with waves of tiredness throughout the day. I decided to up it myself to 20mcgs liothyronine morning, 20mcgs midday and 10 in evening. ( plus 50 mcgs levo)

My question is is there any long term or other risk to this? .. and when I have blood tests done what time of day should I have them to give an accurate result. I'm asking this as I know my gp will straight away suggest a blood test...

My tiredness is much improved!


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I don't see a problem. If you take too much you would feel over-stimulated fast pulse, too hot etc. and you would either reduce the next day's dose or miss it altogether. I, personally, would have increased more gradually by 5mcg each time rather than 10mcg and after a number of weeks upped the dose further by 5mcg.

If you feel a great benefit on this dosage that will be good. Regarding blood tests I would miss out two of your T3 doses the day before and then begin again after your blood test - have test as early as possible and don't take any thyroid gland medication but take all of your meds as usual afterwards. You may wish to tell your GP of your increase as you would run out of T3.

Your TSH, due to taking the T3 will be low and your T3 high if they test for it. That's normal although GP may be anxious.

PS this is a link and go to date November 9, 2005 to read the question/answer:


Great reply! Thanks so much! I too would have gone up by 5mcgs but it's just about splitting the tablets! Anyway alls done now and no side effects so hopefully all good. Will book to see go and follow your advise re blood tests. Thanks so much!

You probably know that 20mcg of T3 is equal roughly to 100mcg levo.

Gosh that's much more than I thought. Don't they suggest 20mcg as a starting dose?

Some substitute 10mcg T3 for a drop of 50mcg of levo. It may depend on what their TSH is originally if 20mcg is prescribed.

Ah that would explain why my endo seems to be going slowly then :-) cheers!

That sounds about right as my Endo just dropped my T4 from 100mcgs to 50mcgs so she could up my T3 by 10mcgs

I hope you feel the benefit.

Thanks Shaws picked up my prescription today, how on earth do they expect you to cut the T3 NHS in half to get the 10mcgs. I have a pill cutter and have done it with cynomel etc but these are so small.....

This is where you discover that there are large and small quarters. Some are nearer 2/3 whereas others are mere crumbs :-D

Indeed clutter - that was kind of my thinking! Odd sort of excitement when I found the remaining 1/2 was infact a little larger!!

Yes Marmaris- it's an interesting one - I seem to have developed a special skills to split in two with my front teeth ( very scientific!!)

I use a pill cutter and, in general it works well.

Yes I have one of these. What I may do is mix ie 20mcgs of T3 NHS and one half of Cynomel 12.5 just a little more than the 30mcgs that Endo prescribed but I want to use Cynomel as I feel it has that stronger kick to it. Obviously monitor but seem fine at the moment.

Mine cut in half fine but I use a sharp knife if need approx 5mcg.

Yes, Shaws and diamondfire started very slowly and then got fed up so just upped it by the 10mcgs twice a day, figured I'd react within and only for a matter of 6 hours or so so gave it a go... Have yet to tell GP ( who I may say I've changed to recently and is fantastic)

Thanks shaws - yes and I wasn't on the equivalent amount of levo but never felt right on that alone anyway!

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