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Hashis and a gluten free diet

Hi everyone I went to see the endocrinologist last week and he's confirmed that I have autoimmune thyroiditis but am not necessarily hypothyroid however because my dad is coeliac he is testing me also and has suggested I try a gluten free diet for a couple of months until I see him again to see if it improves some of my symptoms I just want to know if anyone else is gluten free and if it has helps he says he may start me on some levo next time but he wants to wait and see what my T3 and T4 levels are my tsh is 4.9 but he says that's within normal range so not a criteria for active treatment despite me telling him all my symptoms over the last 10 years

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I attempted to go gluten free earlier this year when I tested positive for coeliac, my biopsy was negative though and the gastro dr believes I am not true coeliac and my results were so positive due to hashimotos, (I have no symptoms apart from a low vit D and calcium issues now all resolved), I was told I could start eating gluten again and going GF won't make any difference to the thyroid attack, . I have read here and lots of other places people do benefit though so worth a try?

I'm now trying a gluten free diet again just to see if it stops the attack on my thyroid, as I seem to be having the worse flare I've ever had, I'm only on day 4 though....but I will try for 3 months at least. I did think why not let the attack continue and get it out the way, but it isn't that straightforward I could be like this for years!

I'll let you know how I get on, I suppose seeing your dad go through it will help you with the diet?

My TSH result was similar to yours, from going up to 22 it came down and always hovered around borderline, in the end I asked if I could trial the lowest dose after having miserable symptoms!

Take care

Runner Girl


I went G/F over a year ago,by the time they tested it for me I had been G/F for some months so got a neg. diagnosis. I have been told that the protein in gluten is similar to thyroid,so if your thyroid problem id autoimmune going G/F should help. I feel a lot better in myself since going G/F, the bloating and muscle pain went . It's only part of the thyroid story but every little helps. :)


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