Good endocrinologist in London

I am considering visiting Proff Grossman privately after 7 years of illness and lack of understanding or willingness to consider testing or treating my condition from my current GP (the GP who first suspected post-partum thyroiditis and Hashimotos - and was right - has since left the practice). I would be very grateful if anyone who has experience of Proff Grossman's practice could direct message me.

Thanks so much.

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  • Trix, email for a list of member recommended endos.

  • Thank you - I have emailed her

  • yes I have had experience of him, but thi sis my experience so you will need a few more I have p.m d you

  • Thank you blue petals. I've read your DM. He was recommended by a friend. I've now asked for the list of endor from Thyroid UK, so hopefully there will be someone there will be someone to try

  • trix please donttake mine as gospel- I haven't been lucky with endos, but you may find him ok, prof shern chew tho is lovely have seen him.

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