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Whats working...Naproxen or Vit D?

Sorry for all my questions but at the same time i was prescribed Vit D and Naproxen,Naproxen 500 for Hypothyroid pains and for back pain which could be down to the fact i have mild Scoliosis (Dr disagrees With this causing pain)I have found that my pain is easing off a little but i have side effects of a dry mouth/throat and a little bit of a sore throat so i am thinking of stopping the Naproxen.Could it be the Vit D thats easing the pain off and not the Naproxen?.....Yes i know,go see my doctor but that is a lottery and i want a solution in the mean time so does anyone please have any experiance of this please? Thyroid now supposedly optimized at....Serum TSH (XeELV).....3.3mui/L (0.3-5.0) I have been advised to get this tweeked a little so whats the lowest dose of Levo i can ask for?....currently on 125mcg....Thank you.

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TSH of 3.3 is not optimised it should be below 1 so you need more levo

mild scoliosis certainly can cause aching/ pain rather depends which bit of the spine is involved

if your thyroid is correctly treated you should not be in pain or need naproxen

but if your like my husband and daughter levo itself causes real pain and they are better off on NDT


Its lower spine,thank you for the answer reallyfedup123


Giving you naproxen when, I believe, that you need more levothyroxine. He should be more interested in getting your TSH 1 or below, or even suppressed if it makes you feel well. Don't let your doctor keep you 'within normal range' if you still have symptoms. Many believe once our levels are within range other symptoms are not hypo and are willing to prescribe other medications for symptoms but not increase levo which is a mystery to me.

Maybe Vit D is better than naproxen if your Vit D was low.

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