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NDT brands without fillers?

I'm just gathering info at the moment as I'm seeing an endo for the first time next month, and if that doesn't go well then I plan to self medicate as I've had enough of waiting to feel well again.

I've heard that NDT with fillers can sometimes cause stomach upsets - is this correct? What brands should I look for that are filler free? I believe Westhroid pure is one?

Any info much appreciated! :)

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Westhroid P most certainly has a filler. Inulin.

Details of several makes are here:

I doubt it is possible to make a tablet without any excipients. Even producing capsules has lots of issues.



Ah, goes to show how much I know then lol. Thanks for the link, will have a lookie :)


Found an interesting article on natural vs synthetic here:


Thanks for that - very informative xx


I would think that most NDT's are more synergistic to the human body than levothyroxine which is a synthetic hormone.

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