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Has anyone with under active tried a gluten free diet ? If so what sort of results did you get ? Although I'm medicated, my bloods are good, I'm still gaining weight. I've just had a full hysterectomy and I'm now on HRT. I'm feeling a lot less tired, but just so fat and horrible. My GP won't up my meds as I'm near the top of the range, she has reassured me that HRT estrogen only, won't put weight on. Overall I feel great, I will start cycling again soon as I'm nearly 9 weeks post op. Big tummy. Yak.

Thanks in advance. X

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Yes - i have Hashimoto's, p anaemia and coeliac: misdiagnosed by the nhs for over a decade as "IBS" that was all in my head and for which they were dying to shove anti-depressants down my throat (always wanting to get their grubby little paws on those extra funding points they get for prescribing anti-deps)

The change has been remarkable. I still have gut issues, but no longer the crippling daily diarrhoea that kept me washed out and dehydrated plus resulted in some serious deficiencies as a result of malabsorption. I am 1.5 years into g free so i know my intestine is not yet healed as that can take 2 years. But absorption is improving, all my levels are up and I have been able to cut my ndt dose.

Apart from the diarrhoea, Brain fog and CF are much less severe and the odd rash i always had on tehback of my knees is gone as are the weird white patches on my nails that were there for a good 10 years. In addition, my Hashi's auto immune response is lowered, that is to say the antibody levels are way down (by over 2/3) from what they were.

Do you have a copy of your blood test results with the ranges, so that members can comment. You say:-

My GP won't up my meds as I'm near the top of the range

You should, in fact be towards the bottom of the range.

I have to get them, the latest ones were before I had my op, I'm moving house at the mo so I need one last appt with my GP x

I have hashis and have been GF for around 8 months. It has 100% been worth it, my gut is calmer, less aches and pains, slight increase in energy...I have now also cut dairy and sugar and am slowly feeling the improvements from that. I would go for it, it will be one of the best things that you ever will do for you health...Good luck D :-)

Thanks for the advice, I'm going to give it a go x can't hurt can it x

For the sake of missing out on certain food stuffs, it is worth it and not as hard as it first seems...Good luck x

I am hypo and diagnosed with high TPO antibodies 5 months ago after feeling very unwell. I read several books about GF/ paleo diet such as Robb Wolf the paleo solution and Isabella Wentz the root cause. The books made a lot of sense to me so I went gluten and dairy free and my TPO readings came down from 110 to 75 to 15 over 4 months! It isn't easy to do but there are now plenty of GF foods available, just read all labels very carefully. I was diagnosed food intolerant 15 years ago and stopped eating wheat, chicken and eggs. Still avoid them as well as soya and now gluten and most dairy. I use lacto free milk, no yoghurt and very little cheese. Hope you find GF helps

It is not a problem finding gluten free substitutes in the UK and US today as well as a lot of other European countries and people are very understanding when eating out as more and more 'eateries' are GF aware. One added bonus for me from going gluten free was the 3 inches I dropped in waist size, enabling me to fit back into clothes from 2 years ago that I wore before diagnosis of hypo! I don't miss that bloating at all. Good luck on your journey - it's a worthwhile one. E.

I've made a start and bought gluten free bread, pasta and other stuff and I'm checking labels. Is mustard flour a problem ? It's in everything ! Lol. Thanks for your advice x

Mustard flour is fine but ready made mustards aren't. It will take a while to 'convert' your cupboards to be full of gluten free foods but the whole family will benefit too. Joining Coeliac Uk for a year might help too.



I went GF about a year and a half ago and would never, ever go back. My antibodies were 1600+ and my last blood test showed they were 1100...still massively high but a great improvement. I have been constipated and had bloating and wind for years but now that's all gone and I am a regular visitor to the bathroom in the morning ;-)

I would even go so far as to say that everyone, not just people with autoimmune diseases, should go's poison.

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